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17 NOV

Why didn't anyone warn me? Why did I have to find this out by myself?

nobody told me there was finally a Bakuman serie! I was looking at a list with ongoing series and I saw 'Bakuman' I was like: "What the hell?"


"Wah! That IS Bakuman! Ahh! Its a serie since October!"

"O my! Im going to put is on my blog!"


And thats how I ended up here instead of watching the episodes.

Im going to finish the manga before I start on the anime.


Hmm... What else do i have to say...

I watched a few eps Akane-Iro Ni Saka. (Ep 3-8)

The anime has a nostalgic feeling but I dont know why..

Maybe I watched a anime like it a long time ago but I cant remember...


That was it for today guys!

Thanks for wasting your time to read this blog =D


~~ Bye Bye!

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