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Amaenaideyo!! Katsu!!

10 JUN

So I just came from watching Highschool DxD and  Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai... they were both great animes.

This sucked in comparison.

The first couple of episodes were mildly entertaining and somewhat comedic. There are a couple parts I liked in the first few episodes and I'd have to say I enjoyed most of the first 5. The last 7 were complete garbage. The same thing happens over and over with NO PROGRESSION OF ANYTHING AT ALL. It's like its episodic with no main story, love story, passionate sex, NOTHINGGGGGG!!!!!! It COULD have been so much more..... because that little blonde anime chick was sexy as hell in some scenes hah. . . . .

Do yourself a favor and watch a different show.  Highschool DxD and  Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai were both just like this show and FAR superior.

If you know some shows like these two I just mentioned let me know...... I like naked anime chix with comedy....


P.S. This anime is tagged under Ghost Hunters. WTF ROFL LOLOLOL. Yeah they actually were hunting a lot of ghosts in it, so it is a correct tag. You really shouldn't watch this anime unless if you just skip through it to the points where the blonde chick and ikouu or whatever his name is are together. Even then you will be let down in the long run.

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