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Sword Art Online



I come from playing a long list of MMO's, so my viewing is a bit biased.

I felt from the beginning of this show the goosebumps rise all over my body as the characters first stepped into the Sword Art Online. I loved the entire story from start to finish. There were so many twists and deep storytelling. There was one part I didn't like later in the show when there was a BIG TWIST, and you will know what I'm talking about when you get there, but besides that I loved every second of it.

The characters were amazing. I felt so much emotion from all of them. The relationships felt like they were deep and true. 

When I watched this show I felt like I was in another world along with the other characters. Once I started watching this show I couldn't stop. I ate way too much one night and should have passed out, but I stayed up because of how addicting this show was.

This show is truly now my favorite and it may be the only anime I will every re-watch. If you are an MMO fan at all then do yourself a favor and watch this show.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 10/10
  • Animation 10/10
  • Sound 10/10
  • Characters 10/10
  • Overall 10/10


heartforyou avatar heartforyou
Apr 1, 2013

I know why you rated this a 10 from 10.

Originally, when I saw the preview around May/June 2012, I had very high expecting.

My expecting were filled well at the first episodes of SAO. Everytime the episode ended, I really looked forward to the next one.

BUT, it slacked off later on.

A true MMO'er rate it 10/10 because of the game.

But SAO is more than that, so I like you to rate that as well.

ilubsanime avatar ilubsanime
Mar 23, 2013

Yeah yeah. Maybe deep and true aren't the right words, but I felt an impression from characters that weren't in the story for a long time. I'm sure I got into the anime so much because I've been an MMO fan for years, even though I don't play them anymore. I still stand with most of what I said and believe this anime to be solidly executed... except for the big twist in the middle of the show that kind of threw it off. Even with that considered it's one of my most favorites now.

KageNoArashi avatar KageNoArashi
Mar 14, 2013

Deep story? What are you talking about? The plot derails from what it's supposed to be in just 2 episodes, toss in lots of fan-service to pander us gamers, then went a whole way round before rushing to the ending, which consisted of only 2 episodes if you haven't notice.

The relationships felt deep and true? A 16 year old loser and a 17 year old damsel in distress, interacts for a few episodes, gets married in one of the most forced ways ever, then picks up a random virtual NPC loli to take care of as a child, child disappears with a total screen time lesser than an episode long (before coming back as a pocket dictonary in the 2nd arc), cries....oh soo sad i can't use her overpowered admin skills....

Incest romance: Loves my dear oni-chan by heart, finds out her bro has a GF, gets heart broken. Finds out bro is playing the same VRMMORPG to save his GF, Suguha:"ONI-CHAN YOU SUCK! I KNOW WE ARE COUSINS/SIBLINGS BUT HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME? I WANT UR LUV TOO"

Totally Deep and True...

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