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about me

ex-high school student finished it but have no idea what to study next. also don't wanna work so im kinda unemployed...

loves anime so i don't need a reality check, reality sucks...

fan since  januari 2010 

genre-wise it's anything goes for anime

except shounen-ai(because theres always a form of mild sm in it(dominant gay vs gay in denial)rape,pushing down, screaming no! etc.)

also mostly shoujo, sports and battle manga

mostly use the website to remember what i've watched


candy boy : yukino x kanade `

gratz to Rie Kugimiya for being the first voice i recognise and also for filling 80% of the tsudere roles of anime i like

favorite studio's are jc staff, shaft and AIC

they should make a slice of life/shoujo-ai spinoff of nanoha, would sell more than the original.

ps: seems theres no room for VN's here so ill list em here:(100% only)

princess waltz                                                      

Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer    


dengeki stryker


also while i am at it :

xbox 360 32k gamerscore

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netherlands, tilburg

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March 24, 2014

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staruser avatar staruser


Feb 7, 2011

hey u dont know me .....

but cute pic:)

i love that anime

PhilipAres avatar PhilipAres


Feb 3, 2011

Hey man. I just read your review of School Days. I literally started laughing out loud in an otherwise silent library.

I completely agree with your view though. It was several months ago, so I hope you know what I'm talking about. lol.

sothis avatar sothis


Jan 8, 2011

Hey thom, thanks for the levelheaded post for DN - can you do me a favor though and repost it without the big spoiler in there in the first sentence? :p I've had to remove comments with these types of spoilers but let people have a chance to repost so they dont lose their text :) this way others who havent seen the series wont accidentally see something

NoCheerios avatar NoCheerios


Dec 27, 2010

lol it seems like everybody has a yuri avvy these days :D

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