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Sianeka Aug 17, 2014

Never thought of a govt-related job. That's a good thought.

My dream job is probably to be a librarian, but there isn't a good job market outlook for them, either. *sigh*

Sianeka Aug 17, 2014

So fascinating. I love your list - some of these languages I'd not even really considered! 

Being a linguist -would- be cool. But is there really a job market for linguists these days?  (It's too bad we have to work for a living instead of having the luxury of being able to devote ourselves to study or our interests!)

Sianeka Aug 13, 2014

Soooo, what are some of the languages you want to learn more?

Sianeka Aug 12, 2014

Wouldn't it be cool to know, say, 10 different languages?  I wish I could get fluent in ANY other tongue besides my native one! Instead, I must be content with the smattering of knowledge I pick up about a language when studying it...  I really believe you need to immerse yourself in a place in order to gain fluency, and that it is ultra hard, if not near impossible, to gain true fluency from study alone.

Sianeka Aug 11, 2014

Learning a language in and of itself is a cool thing. I've always liked studying languages, even though I have no "practical" use for them. I think it's a cool idea that I can communicate with foreign-language speakers in their own tongue.