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After watching that stupid, crappy, kiddish Azumanga Web Daioh, I was really astounded by this. It follows the series on the high school girls. Chiyo's pigtails have been plucked off. The girls now have to find a way to make everything clear.


Story: The story was really good. Like I said, I love that twist where Osaka accidentally plucks off Chiyo's pigtails and then the high school girls do whatever it takes to make it all better.


Animation: The animation was the best! Better than I thought. Well, it's just kinda like any anime movie would look like. The characters smoothed, the artwork improved, and more of musical piece (music score I mean). It also features new sounds, dialogue and a lot of new twists. Such as Azumanga could have. So the animation was really cutesy.


Sound: The English Dub, especially Chiyo's sobbing was really cute. I also liked the girls' voices. Very cutesy. And if there were any music in there, I'd say it was really bouncy.


Characters: My favorite has been Chiyo-chan after watching this. Since I'm a guy, I used to dislike girls especially happy ones, but Chiyo was just too damn cute and I loved all of the girls' personalities. I liked Osaka too. My least favorite is Sakaki.


Overall: Wow, that was really good. Do yourself a favor and watch this. Or just watch the show first and then this. This should appeal to fans of the show.


8.1/10 story
7.1/10 animation
8/10 sound
8.3/10 characters
8/10 overall
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