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Azumanga Web Daioh

O.K., Azumanga Web Daioh? WTF? This is about Chiyo-chan, a child prodigy who brings her camera to school just for fun and for NOTHING?!

Story: The story was just plain wrong. I can understand that this is supposed to be the start of the series, but while the series was a really good show, this is a very disappointing OVA. It has Chiyo-chan, mostly about her and the school kids (very good), but then it switches from being anime-like to video-game-like and then realism. WTF?

Animation: The animation was horrible. Like I said, the characters do silly things that aren't that funny and can make you laugh for fun. First of all, the setting is always changing everywhere like I said in the above post and then second of all, the characters act weird like it is flash animated.

Sound: Well, I haven't seen the dubbed version, but the Japanese version was silly and not as heart-warming as it was with the show. There are absoloutely no music and it just seems like YOU'RE filming the special and not the kids.

Characters: While they are the same like the one in the original anime, I always disliked Chiyo-chan the first few episodes she was in. She really got on my nerves especially when she's excited and she's very talkative. In fact, the characters weren't in-character, it seemed like Chiyo was just a loner as much as the other high-school girls

Overall: 1.0 This was a very disappointing start. If you're looking to watch Azumanga Daioh, just skip the Web camera one and go to the anime, where the fun begins.

1/10 story
1.2/10 animation
1.1/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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