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Well, this is not my favorite movie. The first half was great, but the second half wasn't. It turned out to be a broing and floppy movie. The only good thing about the movie is the storyline. Lets review:


Story: Its plot was good before it got to the point after Spike busts out of jail. Now the whole thing about the characters changing their potental compared to the show is really freaking me out. Even though Spike is supposed to be funny, he hits people's butts instead of beating them up for God's sake for the love of his purpose. Ed had gotten even more annoying. Faye doesn't do nothing but sit around on the floor throughout half of the movie. And they don't seem to show much of Jet. All they do is just wander about like a scavenger hunt.

Animation: Its animation turned out for some room for improvement. Much like a Dom Deluise film, the movie is dark and spectacular. With its fine animation and much better visuals. Makes it turn out to look like a real cowboy animated film.

Sound: I thought the character dubs were completely different, but they turned out better than I thought. The music doesn't seem to fit the scenes, but it was good-playing. It still had a good jazz and used samples of the 70s/80s music that brought us addiction and nice instrumental music for the dramatic scenes. Anyone remember Luther Vandross?

Characters: If you read the freaking storyline up top, you'll be able to understand what these characters are doing in the film.

Overall: 7.0 Not the best animated film ever, but this one is too sickly for kids. People catch pneumonia and hay fever and it just turns out to be something unhealthy for kids.


Don't let children watch this.

6.8/10 story
7.2/10 animation
7.1/10 sound
7.1/10 characters
7/10 overall
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