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I'm watching Lupin III (regular show) right now, and so far so good. This was my first Lupin movie I ever saw. I was going to rate it a 7/10, but then, I had to rate it an 8/10 because of how good it is.

Story: Lupin is a smart and strong-willed guy who finds a girl named Lady Clarisse who lives in a castle with Fujiko Mine (who's my least favorite character). The plot may go out a little boring since it's Miyazaki's first movie, but it gets better once it's in pace. It may not be a movie for young kids though for swearing and shooting and all that crap, but it has a really good storyline. 8.7

Animation: I'm not familar with animation/art that looks cartoon-like such as cartoons like Mickey Mouse or Felix the Cat. My first anime in dark-style is Heidi, Girl of the Alps (which I haven't seen for a long time), and I used to think it was created in American-style but it was actually created Japanese-style. However, the animation is good, the art is a little blury depending on the how old it is, but if it were to come out in the 2000s, it would look beautiful. 7.4

Sound: The music is relaxing and the new English Dub is pretty good. It fitted the characters' personalities and I just thought they had really good voices. 7.5

Characters: My favorite character would have to be Lupin since he's the main character of the movie. Lady Clarisse is second. The characters have good destiny and karma levels and they seem to make me fly up to heaven. I really enjoyed those characters and the romance between Lady Clarisse and Lupin. 9.2

Overall: 5.6. Do I have to say it was mediocre? Nah, it's way past medicore in my taste, but caculating all of these scores said I should bring the overall to 5.6. It's a very good start on Hayou Miyazaki. Watch it!

8.7/10 story
7.4/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
9.2/10 characters
5.6/10 overall
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SentientCrab says...

Animation: 7.4?  You do realize you need to compare it other 70s animation to realize how amazing the art is.

Mar 21, 2015
naejin says...

I do not understand your scoring system, as your overall score was below all your other ratings.  5.6 overall while all the scores that I assume compose this range from 7.4 to 9.2.  Is this a typo or a troll rating?  My guess is that it was intended to be 8.6?

Jul 17, 2013