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I never really liked this anime. I just thought it always bored me to tears. Although, there are some happy and sad scenes which make you smile and maybe come into tears if you had a death of a loved one, but I hated this anime. I think it also might be as bad as Porco Rosso, because I watched a little bit of it at my cousins' house and I wasn't interested. But I don't want to review it right now, I usually review things I've seen.

Story: Okay, the story is about a young courageous princess (who is about seventeen) who tries to protect the people on the valley. And then there's this spoiler where she has a near death expierence in the middle of the movie. I'm not going to criticize this, I think the film had a VERY VERY VERY good plot, but the movie overall bored me to tears. 4.5

Animation: The animation should've gotten better. But after all, this is only an 80s' cartoon. I wasn't born in the 80s but I know cartoons had wacky animation back then. But nowadays, animation is getting better and more smoother. But I think the art was very well-created and the storyboard was good. 3.1

Sound: Don't ask me about the dub. The dub was a complete trash. And did not fit the characters at all, as well as the Japanese dub. But the music was fitting and very sympathetic and also compassionate and passionate, so I'm not going to criticize the music. 2.1

Characters: I don't really have any favorite characters except those little kids who were so kind to Nausicaã. So I can't complain about the characters, but Nausicaã was a pretty good character as she's courageous, clever, and very sensitive. 1.1

Overall: 1.1 Worst anime I've ever seen this year because it was so boring.

4.5/10 story
3.1/10 animation
2.1/10 sound
1.1/10 characters
1.1/10 overall
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Singan says...

Guys, disregard this "review": it was written by a 12-year-old kid who got banned long time ago.

Jul 27, 2012
pinkarray says...

I agree that this is the worst troll review I ever read in my entire life. Seriously... what's the point about the art and animation? First, you said it was 'wacky', then you said it was 'well-created'. What the heck was that?

Instead of writing like a kindergarten, you could've clarified your review more and maybe spice in some more details on why you didn't like the movie. Like for example: "The story was pointless, predictable and impossible to watch, which makes the movie boring to watch." I don't know if this is correct, but I believe this sounds more like you.First off, I know it's your opinion, but I thought the animation was perfectly fine. It had nothing lazy in it or even off-balanced for example. Second, which dub did you watch? There are two dubs: The Warrior of the Wind version and the Disney dub. I believe you are refering to the Disney dub since there are almost no copies for Warrior of the Wind probably due to its critcsm, but the Disney dub I thought sounded like the original and was perfectly fine, as for the Japanese sub which was worth watching too.

You don't have a favorite character? How would someone not just LOVE Nausicaa? Of course she is 'courageous and clever', but sensitive? I don't think she was really that sensitive. If I had to take her personality and chalk it up to judgement, I'd say she's rather passionate and headstrong but sensitive? I don't think so.

I understand that you didn't like the movie, but AT LEAST give a much clearer explanation next time you review.

Hope this helps!

~ pinkarray out

Nov 30, 2011
Calahan says...

 This awful review really should be removed by the mods.

As not only is it arguably the worst review on this entire site, but it was also written by someone who has obviously only just graduated from wearing diapers, and who it also seems doesn't (or didn't) even meet the minimum age requirement to join the site (yet alone submit reviews!) as set out in the ToU.

Nov 15, 2011
amandadied says...

Are you blind or something?

The animation isn't wacky. It very well done and the movements are smooth.

May 13, 2011
Symmetrical says...

Yea i agree with FedEx......"The animation was very well-created and the story board was good...3.1" LOL?

Apr 30, 2011