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This is a very good sequel to a good movie and a great series. In my opinion, I liked the sequel better than the other movie. The other movie was crap and boring and this and the series were good. I always thought this movie focused on the series more, Sakura falls in love with yet another guy and tries to tell him that she loves him. It's very original.

Story: The story was very good and was more focused on the series than its other movie. Like I said, Sakrua falls in love with yet another boy and this time, she's trying to tell him that she loves him. And this is also more weirder, Sakura's cards have been stolen by what appears a young woman and bad things happen. The town vanishes and everything vanishes and its up to Sakura and her suspicious boyfriend to save their town, Japan. 9.8/10

Animation: Well, the animation has gotten a littlle grimmier than the original movie and its series, but I still give the animation a little higher score just for my liking of this movie. As I'd say, the animation's more like Castle in the Sky, despite it's artwork was more of 90s style. And pretty much as dark as the first movie was. 7.0/10

Sound: I was always disappointed with the English Dubbed. And to my disappoint, Kero's voice has changed. Either later in the series, this movie or its original movie. It has changed to sound more like the Japanese Dub (which is cuter). I prefer to watch all Card Captor Sakura movies in Japanese because she sounds more like a little kid in Japanese for her age than in English Dub. And the music was pretty fitting and everything. 4.3/10

Characters: The characters were always a 10/10. Original concept and an imaginative idea of a little kid coming to town and Sakura suddendly falls in love with her. But since the characters have grown up and have entered middle school, they act more differently than in the series or their normal life. 10/10

Overall: 8.0 A very good movie following another movie and focused on a great series. A must-watch and is very watchable.

9.8/10 story
7/10 animation
4.3/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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