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Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle is a GREAT movie about a young orphan named Sophie, she works at a hat shop in which she encounters a wizard named Howl. As they each show each other their friendship, Sophie comes across Lettie as Cesari's and walks back into the hat shop and gets hit by the witch of the waste. When she turns old, she decides to run away from home and come upon a scarecrow named "Turnip Head". In which he shows her Howl's castle. When she goes inside it, she meets a talking fire and a little boy who's practicing his magic in his costume. And the story goes on...

In other years, Miyazaki didn't want to write love stories except Porco Rosso. And this was his first. Howl's Moving Castle was based off a book by Diana Whynne Jones.

Howl's Moving Castle is an exceptional movie about love and friendship and coming of age. Although, Sophie DOES fall in love with Howl, but she's also a reserved little girl.

When I first watched this movie, I throughly fell in love with it. Then I decided to watch it every now in there. The story is amazing, the artwork was exceptional (inculding storyboard), the characters are gorgeous (especially Howl, the mysterious wizard), and the animation is beautiful. I'd never seen an animated movie especially an anime be throughly as good as this.

Rent the DVD, watch it on a flat screen, and enjoy the movie. Make some popcorn, too.

Story: The story is a good first expierence for older kids about a young girl and coming of age. The story is very well-paced and lots of things going on, Drama, Mystery, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, and Supernatural. It is very well-written and beautifully done.

Characters:  The characters, well, kind of off of the book. Markl was about a teenager in the book while he is a kid in the film. They never showed Martha, and the film was just too short overall. The book was much longer, and they could've introduced Sophie with the dark hair much more especially Lettie and Martha. Lettie was not like in the book. And Calcifer was black instead of red. But the characters have different potientals and are very attractive with interesting personalities to favour them. The kids will love Sophie (inculding adults), the bigger girls will love Howl, and some boys might like Heen, and both the girl and the boys will love Calcifer, Markl, and Turnip Head. Whichever ones you choose.

Animation: The animation as said is beautifully done and gorgeously story-boarded. It's pretty slow-moving, but that's what this whole opinion is about.

Sound: Ths music was absoloutely an oscar-winning soundtrack. It has very good music playing that will attract the viewers. It fits the film very well and fits the scenes well too. They have some sad music during sad scenes, but that's what it's all about. The score is better than most films of 2004/2005. There are also good dubbing. The English Dub fits the characters very well. I think Christain, Emily, and Jean did a great job with the job of their characters. It makes them visual from start to finish. I loved it and its script from start to finish.

Overall: 10/10 & 9.8 A good movie with amazingly animated visuals and a well-written script. Including fitting music.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.9/10 characters
10/10 overall

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