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Aug 31, 2010

The beginning of the anime was fantastic. It was hilarious, had great characters, and a good working love triangle. As the series goes on, it dips further and further down a into a uninspired drama with the characters falling apart and absolutely no direction. The original love comedy style is ditched for a pitiful harem storyline and leaves you feeling depressed not because it was bad, but because it could have been so much more. Despite that, I was glad to have watched this anime for the great laughs but its gonna take me a while to rinse out the bad aftertaste.

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6/10 overall
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CoolHandMike Apr 26, 2012

I braodly agree with your review but I'd like to see it fleshed out a little bit more.

theshonen8899 Oct 30, 2010

With every episode Minori seemed to get more and more violent for very little reason other than she liked Ryuji but also wanted Taiga to be happy. These bursts of violence were poorly directed and overdramatize, and I felt an amount of tension in the anime that actually surpassed what I would have felt if I were to experience it in real life. I also think her character was far too well designed for the author to just throw her in as another of Ryuji's harem mates. The drama would have been much better if she liked Kitamura and Ami was just an oddball.

Taiga and Ryuji completely lost directions as to what they wanted in life which is fine since they were obviously confused about liking each other but jumping to the conclusion of running off and getting married is ridiculous. I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that part. Furthermore, Taiga's random choice to leave with her mother with only about two seconds of building up to it was much too sudden. Had they chosen to build up to it and have the story rush into a climax where she says, "I know I love you enough to be apart from you," instead of all the overdramatic nonsense they put in, the ending would have been far more satisfying.

The only ones that seemed to contain their composure were Ami and Kitamura, as they seemed to look at the situation quite objectively and react in relatively normal manners.

The only saving grace towards the end of the anime was the very end when you see Taiga again in a cool uniform, but unfortunately all the unneeded and unrealistic drama in between is what always stops me from rewatching this anime. Sucks since I know the beginning has funny parts, but I can't watch those characters without remember that horrible outcome.

Xplayer Oct 27, 2010

I disagree. I'm not sure what you mean by the characters "falling apart." Especially with the leads, I found that they matured far beyond their original designs, which is refreshing as most harem anime have characters that are static as bricks.