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Nurse Witch Komugi


Synopsis: The world becomes consumed with chaos when the evil Ungrar decides to infect the planet with his various strands of viruses.  The world’s need for a savior appears in the form of a…Nurse Witch?  Seventeen-year-old Komugi becomes blessed with the power to vaccinate the viruses through the help of Maya, Goddess of Vaccine world.  The Nurse Witch’s rival appears on the scene in the form of Magical Maid Koyori, who happens to be Komugi’s best friend.  The road to tread upon to save the planet becomes filled with hilarity, heinous acts, and battles that tests the Nurse Witch’s resolve to cure the Earth from the disease known as Ungrar.

Story (5.2) I hate magical girls.  I do not like the genre at all.  So why did I choose to watch and write this review?  Well, it is simple.  Nurse Witch Komugi’s an OVA spin-off of the Soul Taker OVA.  The show tries to poke fun at the magical girl genre and it succeeds.  Komugi’s role in this show allows the character to adopt her strange, but cute personality from The Soul Taker, and channel it into a goofy project.  The Nurse Witch Komugi anime allows fans of The Soul Taker to see various characters reappear and be portrayed in a new perspective.  The characters are more energetic and happy rather than being violent, aggressive, and depressing.  Tatsunoko Productions does a great job in making their pre-established characters act the opposite of how they performed in The Soul Taker.  Tastunoko Productions also provides fans with cameos from their other popular works, adding to the Nurse Witch Komugi’s bizarre charm.

The premise of having Komugi thwarting Ungrar’s plans becomes repetitive and struggles to maintain a solid plot.  The episodes focus more on comical aspects of Komugi and her companion, Mugimaru, squaring off against Magical Maid Koyori.  The comedic portions of various episodes make the show bearable through Komugi’s retaliation of viruses that make fun of her bust size and Mugimaru’s perverted nature.  Koyori’s presence adds to the fan service and that is about it.

Animation (7.0) The animation shows Tatsunoko Productions evolvement over the years that makes the short OVA appealing to the eye.  The flashy transformation sequences and use of special abilities contributes to the show’s concept of presenting an anime that morphs characters from a darker show into another cutesy magical girl rehash.  I like the animator’s ability to demonstrate their talent of reviving heroes, in the form of cameos, which Komugi portrays when she fights Koyori and rebels against Muigmaru.

Sound (6.0) Episode 2.5 allows anime fans to watch music videos through Kyosuke Date and Komugi.  Komugi’s action through that episode boosts the catchy songs that the Japanese voice actress sings.  However, episode 2.5 becomes the main focal point of having good sound quality.  The rest of the OVA’s musical score is not memorable.

Characters (7.7) Komugi’s the reason to watch the OVA.  Nurse Witch Komugi serves as a springboard for Komugi’s character to launch the character’s role in The Soul Taker into a more active and amusing performance.  Koyori’s presence compliments Komugi’s reactions to situations where she must vaccinate an area, while receiving harassment.  Komugi’s jealous ranting toward Kyosuke’s interaction with other female members allows Komugi’s aggressive side from The Soul Taker to emerge and remind fans of her roots.  Komugi made the show entertaining for me, but I only wanted to see the OVA because it had characters from The Soul Taker.

Overall (5.1) Fans of The Soul Taker may find Nurse Witch Komugi enjoyable.  The show reaffirms the motifs set in the formulaic magical girl genre, but provides more of a comedic tone to it.  Tatsunoko Productions decision to reuse characters and change their demeanors makes the OVA interesting, while promoting The Soul Taker.  Since I love The Soul Taker show, I gave Nurse Witch Komugi a chance.  It is a decent magical girl type show that brings the humor, but does not offer up anything new.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 5.2/10
  • Animation 7/10
  • Sound 6/10
  • Characters 7.7/10
  • Overall 5.1/10


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