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11 APR

The worold only god knows season 2 came out today i am so happy!!!!!

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coolfire avatar coolfire
Apr 17, 2011

Sorry to post this on your blog but I just did not want to post this on you main page.


Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~


Respond from coolfire for review


i must say this but dont take it wrong you really dont get anime if you say this has no emotion i bet you didnt even watch all of it.

Responds Coolfire:

um well here is the thing did you watch the sub or dub?  I had watched the dub and this one is just like I said.  Dry and just real waste of bee train talents I think.  Bee train has made a couple good one Madlax and Noir.  I mean I be honest from time to time a anime will choke me up.  Some will make me angrey, and some will make me sad and depressed.  However this series just left with nothing. The ending did not make sense.  The soundtrack were moderate at best.  Also I stated this one left me with no emotion.  When I got done watching at the end of the series I had nothing to take away from it.  That is why I am saying it is emotionless to me.  In any case I would like to hear more about your opinion this and hopefully we can cross chat about a few other series sometimes.  I will post a blog on my profile so you can write back if you wish.


Ja ne


P.S.  I also have studied japanese it nice to meet someone else who has as well.

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