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Smurfer says...

Your comment about someones opinion of Strike Witches was, to say the least, stupid. Don't call other peoples opinions stupid when you can't back up what you've said yourself.

The loli in Strike Witches was excessive and to think that you watched this for "WWII" is laughable. It's like watching watching a Michael Bay movie for story. No ones buying that. And the girls DO use magic, and oddly they have to rip off the shirts of those that need magic healing smh... 

ps High school of the Dead had girls that had at least sexually matured. If you can't tell the difference between children and young adults then... you need help bro.

May 8, 2013
Lurddoc says...

Hey, I saw your post on Sothis' wall about recommending anime/manga.

If in the future there is stuff missing from the database you can request manga here:

->> Anime here:

Aug 10, 2011