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There is nothing I won't watch if there is a good story behind it. That being said, I've seen plenty of horrible stories due to the awesome art or action sequences. I'm not picky, but something has to catch my attention immediately, or it becomes a drag to watch a show. I've made it a rule to never give up on a show i have started watching, but as time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to continue certain anime, which i can't name unless I actually watch the whole thing. Otherwise, it's not fair to the show itself(stalled). I am an easy rater, but I have to say... anything I rate under a three, I would not have qualms with you skipping that one. There are many shows that I have rated at 5 stars, but those shows deserve attention from everyone Well that's all for now. since 09 eh? I wish I had started this when I started watching anime...Honestly don't remember when that was.

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ChaikaTrabant May 31, 2016

Me too, I've never looked back :) which show hooked you in?