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The treason of Kyoto Animation

25 MAR

Now, these days there are a lot of people who think Kyo-Ani are a bunch of trolls due to the whole endless eight debacle. but really, i'm not interested in that, not even remotely. 

Instead, let me elaborate a bit on why Haruhi s1 was the biggest crime against geeks ever committed since Bill Gates bought dos and licensed it to IBM. Infact Kyo-Ani should be taken to international court for crimes against humanity for even being allowed to adapt the Haruhi novels.

But i digress, lets rather take some time explaining what made the Haruhi light novels brilliant 

They are brilliantly witty, entertaining, thoroughly geeky and generally fantastic series, narrated perfectly, and full of endless references to college level and beyond stuff in pretty much every subject. Basically, its a giant, internally narrated geek wank-off, because nothing says geek like having a a story centered around a math proof. 

Now, when Kyo decided to adapt this show, they decided to do some spring cleaning to make sure the series was easy enough to understand, but they used some sort of nuclear powered vacuum cleaner with a reality distortion field. so the spring cleaning ended up removing: the wit, the geekiness, the brilliant narration, the references to obscure philosophy, astronomy, dimensional mathematics, physics, literature, and pretty much every other thing more complex than what they teach in first year of junior-high.

In fact, at the end of it all, the only thing left was Haruhi, costume rape and the base stories. Kyon lost his genius level internal monologue, Yuki lost the personality Kyon applied to her, Mikuru had her intelligence and "charm" cut. And then, to fill all the holes left by the cleaning, they added 3 extra tons of weapons-grade moe with some light sparkling of dancing and music on-top. 

Now, can anyone please explain to me how a lot of people consider Haruhi a geeky anime?


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