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2014 Rankings or Best Show of 2014 (Preliminary)
1/ Log Horizon
2/ Gundam Build Fighters
3/ Phi Brain: Puzzle of God 3rd Season
4/ Hajime no Ippo Rising
5/ Kuroko's Basketball 2nd Season
6/ Kill La Kill
7/ World Conquest Zvedza Plot
8/ Hunter x Hunter 2011

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Julian says...

Ok, so you deleted my message. That's not nice since I can't continue or re-explain my points, but don't worry, I'll do my best anyway, and will do the same.

First, I do not hate you. Maybe my post was a little bit provocative, but it wasn't by any means insulting.

Second, I know that reviews are just personal opinions. That's nice, but even if it's a personal opinion a good review is objective. The movie es called Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, it's a direct sequel to the game. If you didn't play any of the games then you are in no position to rate the story objectivly, thus you shouldn't.  That's a hard fact.

The same goes for the animation. You said YOU dind't like CG movies, but that shouldn't matter. You are judging a CG movie, so you should compare it to other CG movies, and then come to a conclusion.

You're free to review whatever you want, but at least do it responsibly.



May 11, 2011
skrotkanon says...

I'm not easily offended, it takes a lot to make me exhibit feelings at all tbh. .p It was more that you seemed like a decent guy with tastes similar to mine and that part about you liking the finer things in life is rather unseemly. It's not a matter of content, rather how it's worded.

And I can certainly agree with a lot of people being creepy in gaming and anime fandom. Soul Calibur with its hideous character designs, DearS and of course Elfen lied are all examples of crap that you simply cannot show to adult people without getting embarrased. The amount of game commercials that consist solely of a girl with huge breasts is staggering (There's a few on this site even...). Now, being a heterosexual male I love breasts, they're among the best things on the entire planet no doubt but it's one thing to like them, another to see them as the most important part of the fairer half of humanity which is the impression you get from these horny teenagers. Too be perfectly honest I have grown to hate the anime-watching generation that came after me. During a convention I read a little confession from a girl who said that she pretended to be a bisexual emo just because everyone else was. We had young men wearing netstockings making out on the floor. Seeing as I was responsible for the board game room I had a excuse to hide there from all the boys and girls with mascara and funny hair colors. Ah yes, that about it taking a lot for me to get pissed, this is one of the few things...

And I should probably have said that better, having taste is of course important. I've spent a lot of time seeking out music, movies and so on trying to find what it is I like about the different mediums. People who claim they like all kinds of music usually only listen to whetever is played on the radio, which is not having your own taste. I guess the same thing applies to animé, if you only watch whatever is on top of some arbitrary list (like the one on animeNFo...) or what your pals tells you to watch you're gonna have a hard time developing a taste. On the other hand, looking down people because of what they like is foul. They'll grow up eventually when it comes to ecchi and shonen ai melodrama.

It may seem like I'm contradicting myself but I just don't like people who can't think for themselves. If a dude can write a long review of Ergo Proxy explaining why he likes it who am I to complain? At least he took the time to think about why he likes something.

Also bluntness is fun, especially when people who take opinions on the internet personally read it.

May 6, 2011
skrotkanon says...

I just feel like writing something, this isn't my business really.

I liked your Elfen Lied review and decided to check your profile, you do know you sound kind of arrogant rite? You claim you like the finer things in life and that the animé fandom is full of ignorant poopyheads who can't appreciate those hidden gems that you've found...

Fine, I am a bit like this too, I'll never get the raging fanboyism surrounding Naruto, Bleach, FMA, Elfen Lied, Gunslinger Girls etc. Some of them are fine though not my thing while stuff like GGirls, Ergo Proxy and Elfen Lied is pretentious garbage in my eyes.

Still, saying people are ignorant because they don't like the same things as you is silly at best. Often it's because they're young and want larger than life characters with even bigger feelings, melodrama and so on, things that make me (and perhaps you) nauseous. My favourite anime is probably Texhnolyze, hell it's one of my favourite shows but I definitely can see why some people don't like it being severely depressing and even a bit oppresive. On the other hand I found Boogiebop Phantom to be pretty good though a little too smart for its own best. The episode with those beetles consisting of peoples repressed feelings and sorrow was glorious though!

Again, I really hope I don't come across as some sort of asshole who's trying to lecture you. I just know I used to have very low tolerance for what I saw as bad taste, then I realised noone cares and decided to just let it be. I don't give two shits about modern cinema and watch european horror and Takashi Miikes very odd creations instead. Does this make me better in any way? Hardly, it's just movies. I guess my point is taste doesn't mean shit, you watch the stuff you like and let people watch the stuff they like. If some teenager starts raving about this new awesome animé/band/movie or whatever feel free to ignore him. Few things are as lame as forcing your opinions down peoples throats, because honestly, who cares about opinions anyway?



How come noone replys on this site? People leave aggressive comments in my reviews and never come back to check if I've wrote something back. What's up with that?

May 6, 2011
Prede says...

ZOMG what's up?

Mar 30, 2011
Ayatsuji says...

Hi...... !!!   > . >

Feb 22, 2011