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Elfen Lied

Feb 28, 2011

At long last, I have hit review number 25. It's been a very long road to this point and once this is posted, I will take a temporary break. This last review for a while will be Elfen Lied. It is another series that I thought was amazing and truly revolutionary. Then I grew up and discovered it was really just crap. Once again, ignorance is bliss. As usual, no cursing or spoilers in my reviews. Comments and criticism are appreciated. Check out my other ones and thanks for reading. On with this review then, shall we?

Story; There was a coherent story? Somebody please enlighten me. Let me read what this was about again. Oh right, that was okay. Elfen Lied's story made no real sense to me in retrospect. People cry out like its the second coming of anime god. It has massive amounts of blood, limbs and everything else flying around. That is pretty much the plot. That's all the substance you get from this anime. Yes, that is all. Then it's not even stylish or fancy when it is done. How lacking.

Animation; There are certain points where the animation just looks like dreck. In the overall sense of things, it was a mediocre series in the animation area. When I compare it to other series of the time, it just looks plain awful in comparison. Even the backgrounds were bad, that is pretty hard to mess up. The character designs are hilariously generic.

Sound; The only remarkable thing about Elfen Lied is the music. The opening is fantastic and one of the best ones out there. The ending is okay, but not as great the opening. The background music is generic "ooohhh, freaky stuff happening" music. Listening to both audio tracks, I give the edge to the Japanese because the English is just awful. Opening and endings are worth four points each and the Eng and Jpn tracks are worth just one together.

Characters; Bland, stupid and uninteresting. That's the core words I could find to describe what I felt as I watched these people do ridiculous and stupid things. What they do is beyond what they are capable of doing and they put themselves in harms way almost every darn episode. It pansied out numerous times in not killing off characters. It would have been far more interesting to kill off all the characters because then the Elfen Lied's world IQ average would go up greatly.

Overall; It's just too awful. I'm not even going to run this through a grammar check. It's not worth it. I can't believe I decided on this for my last review in a while. Darn you Randomizer! Avoid at all costs, you have been warned. Find something else to watch, do yourself a favor. Keep your sanity and intelligence intact. I can only hope this review has helped you not make the same mistakes I made in my youth. If you like blood and nonsense, this will be up your alley. Otherwise, avoid. Really.

0.5/10 story
3.5/10 animation
4.5/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
2.3/10 overall

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Vikingr says...

I'm understanding your review to be a "coment" rather than a review, or personal feelings of the show. And personally, I can't disagree with you more, except the music part. Love the intro.

Oct 29, 2012
Singan says...

Great review, couldn't say it better)

Jul 15, 2012
IndependentSK says...

Fantastic review

Mar 23, 2012
DBZAOTA482 says...

Harsh yet reasonable review. I definitly agree with you on the characters.

Oct 19, 2011
ookamiryu says...

Holy shit! I thought I was alone in this site when I saw all that high-rating reviews! At least someone here is not a retarded teenager that thinks being gory and showing tits is the pinnacle of anime. But now, for a more serious comment...I've read only 5 or 6 chapters of the manga and even so I could tell the anime is pure garbage, it's way too rushed, it tries too hard to be edgy and dark but just like Naruto, utterly fails at doing so, the characters - as you said - are too bland and too predictable, even if I love sadistical badasses I didn't felt one drop of affection towards Lucy, and this is coming from someone who loved Accelerator from Index, the animation as you said too, if compared to most things on the time is garbage aswell, the only good thing about this series is the music but it's not even worth bearing all the other shit we have to put up with. Overall I pretty much agree with you on all that.

Oct 14, 2011