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One Five. Fifteen. 15. That is the ever-growing amount of community anime reviews I’ve done for Anime-Planet and the train is not stopped anytime soon. In this review, I am taking a look at the short film from Makoto Shinkai called Hoshi no Koe (or Voices of a Distant Star). No spoilers or cursing, as usual.  Check out my other reviews. I welcome comments and criticism or reviews of my review. Thanks for reading and on with the review!

Story; A long distance relationship - a heart-breaking tale of love. The only means for two lovers to communicate are through cell phone text messages. It’s a haunting reminder of how romance and love are being communicated in the modern times and it appeals to me as a study of love. Love transcends space and time in this tear-jerking short film. It truly sent me into a tizzy and I really need a tissue. Keep them handy, just a word of advice. It's a trend that you will need to adapt to when you watch Shinkai's films.

Animation; The traditional and lush 3D animation is absolutely award-worthy. It's more beautiful than some pieces of animation we see today even. The landscapes, sea, planets, stars are just breathtaking and stunning. Words cannot begin to express how beautiful but lonely the animation is. The animation speaks to you, it yells at you, and you cannot help but respond back by listening. Everything was simply majestic.

Sound; The music was alright. Not really. It was hauntingly beautiful and ominous. “Through The Years And Far Away” is a beautiful piece of music. That is the song at the end of the short film. There is no other music that really stuck out as being noticeable in the short film. The voice acting was merely okay for the English track. The Japanese track was okay as well. I will not suggest one way or another in that regard.

Characters; There are only two prominent characters throughout this short. You have Noboru, the male lead who doesn’t know what to do with his life and waits for his love to return. Mikako, the female lead, is the other prominent character and she is decisive in what she wants to do in life and goes after it with some reservations because she is leaving someone she loves. The designs and movements are very iffy and rough, but what can you expect, Shinkai worked on this  all by himself. Cut it some slack.

Overall; In the end I am going to have to say, given it's only 30 minutes long -- it felt much, much longer. I enjoyed it down to the last drop and second. I absorbed it like a plant absorbing the water and sunlight. It was truly awe-inspiring and attracting. Makoto Shinkai is a fantastic director and this is a great piece of work. Hoshi no Koe is very much worth watching and Shinkai is one of the directors in anime to watch, no matter what.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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