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Fourteen. That is the amount of community anime reviews I’ve done for Anime-Planet. In this review, I am taking a look at the generic but fun four episode OVA Baldr Force EXE. No spoilers or cursing, as usual.  Check out my other reviews. I welcome comments and criticism or reviews of my review. Thanks for reading and on with the review!

Story; It really is not very original, but it does keep you entertained and just a warning, your head may explode after watching this – not really, if anything it’ll explode of how generic the show is. It follows a young hacker named Souma Toru, who works for Steppen Wolf, a group of hackers obviously. When Steppen Wolf disbands, stuff gets pretty interesting and he is taken into custody by a mysterious organization and so Souma Toru is forced to join FLAK or else face prison. From there, he meets a girl who calls him "big brother" and sounds really darn creepy in saying it,  yet another hacker-terrorist group and the VSS who do not have much of a role in the first place.

Animation; The illustrious and sometimes bipolar studio that brought you Macross Frontier, Sousei no Aquarion and Noein, BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution is animated by the studio Satelight. It's pretty much a bunch of mecha/robots running around in cyberspace and they look pretty darn generic. Not a very unique one in the bunch at all. The 2D animation is very pretty solid and gorgeous and definitely the real story of the OVA. Background and scenic shots look pretty too. Satelight did an okay job with this. Not exactly the level of quality that I have come to expect of OVAs.

Sound; If you are a fan of KOTOKO, like me, you will know she is the singer of the opening song. The opening song is absolutely gorgeous and exciting to listen to. The ending song is also very easy on the ears but pales in comparison to the opening. The background music is interesting as well, if not just a little generic. The voice acting was so-so for English and only a little better for the Japanese track.

Characters; The characters weren't very remarkable or unique. Baldr Force EXE brings nothing new to the table with its characters. Souma Toru was the typical guy with a burden and bone to pick, similar to other stereotypical shounen male characters. I think in the overall sense, the secondary cast was just so much more fun to watch. The designs are highly appealing and really satisfying to look at.

Overall; I cannot say I really loved or liked it. It was merely okay to enjoyable. Nothing more, nothing less. Really. It For only four episodes so it was not a real big time-consuming task. All in all, it was satisfying, violent and entertaining. If you got time to kill, give Baldr Force EXE a chance. It was a fun way to spend a few hours. I do not regret watching it. It brings nothing new to the table, but what really does anymore?

4.5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.1/10 overall
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