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22 FEB

Welcome to my eleventh anime community review for Anime-Planet. This review I am taking on Blood+, an anime from Production I.G. As usual, no spoilers and comments would be greatly appreciated, I also like criticism and reviews of my review. It helps me know what to do different in future reviews. Thanks for reading, check out my other reviews and onto the review.

Story; Blood+ covers the conflict of Saya, her family and her chevalier versus the evil Diva and her chevaliers, along with a few human supporters. They fight and run around the world, trying to stop and kill Diva. It goes on for pretty much most of the series. We do get some background on Saya and Diva, but it's really nothing we do not already know. We get further background on all the characters, but it's relatively minor and  honestly a little boring. The story is really all Blood+ has going for it, but then it doesn't even really succeed to some degrees.

Animation; I do not like it. Production I.G. has, for once, failed in my book and really dropped the ball on this one. It did not have anything remarkable, no remarkable action scenes and no really remarkable animation quality or style. It was truly drab and easily on of I.G.'s worst works in recent years if not one of the worst period. This could have been an audio book and probably gotten a better grade. Just unappealing animation all around.

Sound; The soundtrack was fine for the most part, but it just felt like I heard it all  before. I guess if I could coin a term, I say "cliched music". It just was not all that great. Out of the four opening songs, I had have to say they were all just equally bad or annoying. It's best to spare yourself, just skip the opening songs. Also, the four endings, were just as annoying as the four openings. Avoid those pieces of trash as well. They truly missed the bus here.

Character; There are only three characters I really had sympathy for in the end -- Riku, Lulu and Joel. Everyone else should have died. I felt absolutely no sympathy with anyone else. Saya was a whiny little you-know-what, Solomon, Kai and Hagi were freaking tools, need I go on? I will. David was pretty useless, he was a human shield for most the series. Louis ate food for most of the series. DO I GO ON? Amshel, Nathan, Carl and James just sat around drinking wine for most of the series. Van was eating candy for half the series and talking in his accent like he is all that and a bag of chips.

Overall; I did not enjoy this anime for the most part. It infuriated me that I wasted my precious time watching an emo anime. It's clear that the staff of this anime loved to put random, needless fillers to kick it up to 50 episodes. Blood+ did not need 50 episodes! They could fit all the series in about 36-38 episodes, not 50! Clearly, Blood+ was a terrible chore to get through. It was a slow, painful train wreck. Unappealing music, animation and characters were a combo like no other, which ultimately led Blood+ to a disaster.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 6/10
  • Animation 6/10
  • Sound 7/10
  • Characters 3/10
  • Overall 5.5/10


Nanamy avatar Nanamy
Apr 9, 2013

I understand some of your point, but I have to disagree, the story wasn't bad i think it's original and good even i know some episodes are little boring and the action scenes were not to good i think blood + is special and unique with a great soundtrack and in my opinion the characters were all really well, they dont have to be perfect with big and beautiful eyes (like the other thousands of animes) just to be a great character.

madmitten avatar madmitten
Sep 19, 2012

I think 5.5 out of 10 is being generous! Especially with the trashing you gave it in the review!

greenknight avatar greenknight
Jul 5, 2012

character my ass  that red head guy and his little brother were total useless there just getting more trouble for saya i dont even think they make sense in the story THE STORY IS ABOUT SAYA NOT THEM -___- god...  even the little brother got bite because he came along  and red head guy cant do shit 

coolyfooly avatar coolyfooly
Apr 20, 2012

I just though saya was god damn annoying as hell.  Very few animes make me wish that I could will a public transit bus to nail someone rendering their limbs from their body.  Blood+ was once such anime. 

Not only that it was repetitive. It's like watching a movie, and the object of this movie, of the hero is to kill this person or persons. And they catch them, disarm them, have the gun there, and then bs and they get away. And then it happens 2 more times.  See that never happened with a real character like goldfinger. 

He says it plain as day, no bs, no nothing. No Mr. Bond... I expect you to die, and then turns around and gets back to work.

MuddyCarrot avatar MuddyCarrot
Jun 14, 2011

Blood + wasn't bad at all... the animation was okay at best, but the characters were all really done well in my opinion. I'd give it 7.5/10

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