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Kaleido Star

Feb 20, 2011

As usual, welcome to my third community review for Anime-Planet. That said, no real devastating spoilers in this review. Feel free to comment and review my review. I appreciate and welcome all feedback. Thanks for reading and please check out my other reviews of Boogiepop Phantom and Shadow Star Narutaru.

Story; Sora Naegino. Her dream is to join the Kaleido Stage and become a Kaleido Star! Follow her and the many trials she must face to obtain her dream! From the creative and calming mind of Junichi Sato, this series story is surprisingly simple and the theme of the series is abundantly clear.  It's a show about going for your dreams that you've had since your childhood and never ever looking back. A series of trials and tribulations all in the pursuit of happiness. All to become a star on the stage.

Animation; Much like I had mentioned in my last review (Shadow Star Narutaru) about how 2003 was an overall great year for animation (let us look at Planetes and Texhnolyze for example) and there were some that were great and some simply fell flat. Kaleido Star is a series that had pretty good animation quality. The style it has is probably one of the top tier of 2003 without a doubt.  It's a beautiful show from start to finish, but it could have been better compared to other 2003 anime series.

Sound; The first opening is the one I particularly enjoyed the most. The second opening was slightly weaker than the first. The third opening was a return to form and a beautiful piece that I really liked. The ending songs were relatively good but not exactly memorable.  I do not care much for ending songs and have a strange and unexplainable bias against them for the most part. The background music was also quite nice and easy on the ears. It really helped the circus feel of the series.

Characters; You got to love Sora. She is truly an inspiration and the poster child for the "nothing can stop you if you want something bad enough" encouragement that everyone gives us in life. There is comic relief in the form of The Fool, there is also Rosetta, Anna and Mia, who are great friends to Sora in the series and Kalos is a great in pushing Sora to the highest pillar on the stage. Layla Hamilton does come off  awful but as the series progresses, it becomes obvious she wants Sora to succeed and top her.

Overall; I enjoyed every second, minute, hour and day I watched this. I loved to watch Sora try again and again to get to her dreams of being a Kaleido Star! It was a fantastic ride and I hope you will take this review and join Sora on her amazing adventure to becoming a Kaleido Star! Who knew an anime about a circus would be this much fun? I urge you, please check this series out immediately if you have not done so yet.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.4/10 overall
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