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The names Alex Gillespie. I'm 21, Im singal, my favorite animals are cats, I'm relatively strait and by all accounts I'm considered to be "not normal" Much of this is down to my unnatural blarzay attitude towards women and my respect for homosexuals. I have some unusual eating habits ether going days without food or consuming vast quantities of raw vegetables. I'm quite lazy although not in the confessional sense, for example I'd rather walk 5 miles in the rain than fork out money for the bus. I can't deny i am a geek, I love sci-fi, I play computer games, I watch cartoons, I've made a five point plan on what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and I do have trouble desideding if I prefer Kirk or Picard, but i like beeing a geek. I do dress quite gothic most of the time but thats only because i like the style, I have quite a positive outlook on life. enjoy it while you can because chances are we're all going to die real soon.

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mlove Aug 1, 2009

hello!  i'm back from holiday and am completely exhausted - it took me nearly 54 hours to get home, with delays and missed planes.  but it is good to be home again.  the states was good - spent a lot of time with my family, which has its ups and downs.  was only in seattle and chicago, so can't really comment about the hillbillies in the south!

i am one of those very strongly opinionated folk who find it virtually impossible to watch anime in english.  so, very much so in the subtitled camp.  it can be annoying sometimes - because i wish i could just watch - but the american-ness of the dubbed voices just doesn't work for me.  i have watched a couple of the miyazaki films dubbed in the theatres - princess mononoke and spirited away - but find that even though that was my first exposure, i still prefer the subtitled versions.  i started to learn japanese about a year and a half ago, but that has lapsed and i need to get back into classes.  it is not an easy language to learn.

ok, too exhausted to think clearly right now... more later.


mlove Jun 29, 2009

nice anime list as well.  if you haven't seen it, evangelion 1.0: you are not alone is totally worth it - they've done amazing things with the angels and made shinji much less whiney.  see it on the biggest screen you can!