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Eden of the East

May 22, 2011

Story: 6/10

On a trip to the United States, college student Morimi Saki stumbles upon an odd sight. Of all things, she meets a naked Japanese man, armed with a handgun. As she learns, this man has no idea who he is, or how he got there, and all that he can really remember are films, save for which one his personal favourite was. Soon, it becomes apparent that Takizawa Akira, as he is now going by, is a lot more than he first appears, as he finds out that he may have been part of a terrorist act committed in Japan. Then, he only gets even more shrouded in mystery with the presence of an odd phone; which he is told possesses ten million yen, and all that he is told to do with it, is to continue to be a Messiah.

Now, on the surface, this premise is interesting enough, albeit a little silly. The show starts strongly, but unfortunately, it doesn't stay that way. Although it's genuinely funny at first, the jokes quickly grow stale. The drama almost never works, usually due a bit of silly dialogue that makes you want to laugh rather than take it seriously, there are plot holes left and right, especially towards the end, and speaking of the ending, it's silly. It feels really rushed and doesn't make much sense at all. 

Really, this is just a perfect example of an interesting premise with poor execution. This could have been something great, but it falls sadly short. You can feel the potential this series had, but it really blew it. It's just too bad when this happens, it really is.

Animation: 9/10

There are good things about Eden of the east, though, and one of them is the animation. It's smooth, and well done, without any CGI affect that plague many recent anime to throw it off. The landscapes are all beautifully drawn, and full of life. The character designs are a mixed bag, some being incredibly detailed, and some being fairly simple, but it usually works.

Sound: 9/10

The music in Eden of the east is usually pretty unremarkable except for maybe one or two pieces. The rest are entirely forgettable. That cannot be said about the opening theme, though, or, at least the English version of the song. (To clarify, the Japanese version has an opening with English vocals, and probably due to licensing issues, the English version has the opening with Japanese vocals.) The English version of the song is sung by the British band "Oasis". It is incredibly catchy and fits very well with the animation. This, unfortunately, cannot be said about the Japanese version of the song. The Japanese version is sadly, uninspired and doesn't fit well with the opening animation at all.

The acting in Eden of the east is great in both languages, but the Japanese version really went the extra mile here by hiring English-speaking voice actors to play English-speaking characters. There isn't any cringe-worthy 'Engrish' here!

Characters: 6/10

The characters are, well, a bit shallow. Okay, really shallow. Takizawa's focused and cool attitude is intriguing, and he's fun to have around, but for most of the series, the man doesn't show any emotion. He isn't well developed, and when they try to develop him, it's very sloppy, and makes him come off as annoying. Saki never really goes through any changes in the series aside from the fact that she changes who she has a crush on. By the end of the series, she's still as helpless and ignorant as she was in the beginning. Some of the minor characters in the show, such as Satoshi, Ryou, and Yuusei appeared to be really interesting characters, but because of the series' short runtime, were never given the chance to develop properly, and the show really suffers from it.

Overall: 6.5/10

Eden of the east is a bag of sadly wasted potential. It has some interesting characters, and the plot can be exciting… when it wants to be. The payoff, though, is wholly unsatisfying. Great animation, and an awesome opening can't really make up for all the series, unfortunately, did not do right.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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