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Thoughts for the week: Many thoughts this week!

Content Updates: Reviews coming soon!

Anime Updates: - The Water 7 Arc in One Piece is amazing so far!

Manga Updates:- Hisoka might lose?! Holy shit!

Gaming Updates: - I haven't been playing games much...

Life Updates: - My girlfriend is amazing! Can't wait for our holiday in two weeks!

Upcoming Reviews: One Punch Man, One Piece

Currently re-watching (Yes I do that): Nothing! Although I'd love to rewatch Yu Yu Hakusho sometime

Currently watching: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakbale (weekly), My Hero Academia (weekly), D. Gray Man (2006), One Piece

Planning to watch next: A Certain Scientific Railgun

Currently stalled: A lot of shows. So many in fact that it's become pointless to put a list of them there. Let's just about 20 shows, all of which I either have no time for, desire to watch at this moment, or just simply can't be bothered with for a while.

Currently missing: World Trigger *cries*

Currently reading (Manga): Berserk, Tsubasa Chronicle (Collecting the volumes very slowly), Hunter x Hunter (Waiting eagerly for the next chapter), Attack on Titan

Best show that is currently airing: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Jojo's back to fill the hole left behind by World Trigger! ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAAAAAAA!!!)

Upcoming Anime I'm most excited to see: Berserk (2016), D. Gray Man: Hallow, Seven Deadly Sins Season 2, Rage of Bahamut Season 2, Attack on Titan Season 2

Rating for the Upcoming Anime Season (Spring 2016): 6/10 (YAY! A GOOD SEASON! I hope this stays...)

Best Show of the Upcoming Anime Season (Spring 2016): Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Did you expect something else? It's Jojo and it's back for another season. This show is the best new thing we've had all year, and I am hyped!)

Worst Show of the Upcoming Anime Season (Spring 2016): Macross Delta (Have you ever wondered how to kill one of the most legendary and amazing science fiction Anime series of all time? Well, look no further than Macross Delta! This show has single-handedly destroyed the legacy of the entire Macross franchise. Whoever thinks this is good is... Just evil. Don't encourage them to keep killing legendary franchises with pop idol culture and cute moeblobs!)

Predicted Most Overhyped Show of the Upcoming Anime Season (Spring 2016): Kabaneri (I thought nobody was going to pay any mind to this due to it being yet another Attack on Titan rip-off animated by fucking Wit Studio once again! But no, it's among the top rated of the season and is being praised left right and centre because... Apparently we're all fucking edgy teenagers now and a show only needs to have gore and self-harming to be a masterpiece. Fuck this shit. I can't wait to ridicule it when it's over.)

Predicted Most Underrated Show of the Upcoming Anime Season (Spring 2016): Big Order (Fucking hell, the amount of hate this show is getting for... No real reason...? It's a fairly cool concept, and people are shitting all over it because... The art style isn't nice and the main characters power is a "mystery". Oh wow! Because everything needs to be explained right away for something to be good! What's that? The show is a clusterfuck? Well, I certainly find it less of a clusterfuck than Kabaneri, the show that you haters are glorifying as the most awesome show of all time. Not a masterpiece, but definitely underrated)

The season is very good. We also have My Hero Academia, which is shaping up to be one of my favourite shows of all time. And we also have Mayoiga, which could either end up amazing, or derail towards the end.

Summer is going to be great too! D. Gray Man and Berserk! Woo!

General Statistics About Myself:

Name: TheCrimsonClaw, Crimson

Real Name: Gary

Age: 22

Birthday: 14th August

Nationality: Scottish/British

Hair Colour: Dark Brown (Dyed)

Eye Colour: Blue

Location: Glasgow, in the most amazing little house someone could ask for :D

Relationship Status: Taken by the most amazing girl in the world, Cheri <3 Love her to bits <3 She's my life <3

Stupid Anime Statistic Things that I stole from Kaelja because it was a cool idea and I wanted to do it too:

Nen Type: Transmuter. According to the Nen Type personality test I have the traits of a Transmuter.

Chakra Element: Lightning because it's funky and looks the coolest.

Dying Will Flame: Cloud because I'm a drifter.

Devil Fruit: Op-Op Fruit because it's weird and quirky and I think it's awesome.

World Trigger Weapon: Primary Trigger: Kogetsu, Optional Trigger: Grasshopper.

Jojo Stand: The World because stopping time and screaming 'THE WORRRRRLD!' at the top of your lungs is epic.

Pokemon: Cyndaquil because its so awesome!

Digimon: Skull Greymon because... I like how he wrecks everything and can't be controlled.

Duel Monsters Deck: Zombie/Vampire Deck because constant resurrection tactics are awesome!

All about me:

I'm just your average guy who loves anime and video games.

My favourite Mangaka is Yoshiro Togashi, he's a genius. My other favourites are CLAMP, Kentaro Miura, Akira Amano, Hirohiko Araki, Daisuke Ashihara and Katsura Hoshino. As you can tell, I have a thing for Mangaka's who go on constant hiatus' or cancel their series. It's an unfortunate taste (although Miura and Hoshino are finally back from hiatus!)

My favourite animation studios are Production I.G, Gainax and Madhouse because they have the best consistency when it comes to animation and producing good shows and adaptations.

I despise Kyoto Animation and Studio Pierrot. Kyoto Animation do nothing but make the same aimless moe crap with the exact same art style for every show they do, and the only decent titles they ever made were "Full Metal Panic" and "Beyond the Boundary". Pierrot just make terrible adaptations that are either too slow paced or too fast paced compared to their original Manga. And their budget has gone to shit after the original "Naruto" Anime ended.

My top 25 Anime are (As of 25/07/2015) [Reviews for those I've reviewed included]:

1. Hunter x Hunter (2011) [Review:]

2. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

3. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure [Review:]

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion

5. World Trigger [Review:]

6. Kaiji

7. Eden of the East

8. WIXOSS [Review:]

9. Berserk

10. Yu Yu Hakusho

11. Serial Experiments Lain

12. Katekyo Hitman Reborn [Review:]

13. Monster

14. Hellsing Ultimate

15. Magi [Review:]

16. The Seven Deadly Sins

17. X/1999

18. Gurren Lagann

19. Sword Art Online [Review:] (It was my first review ever, and needs editing though)

20. Death Note [Review:]

21. Hajime no Ippo

22. Attack on Titan [Review:]

23. Toriko

24. One Piece

25. Mirai Nikki [Review:]

The rest of these top Anime will be getting reviews very soon. I also predict that the list itself will also be undergoing some changes, as I am currently watching/planning to watch some shows that have the potential to make this list. I'll probably end up making it a Top 30 in that case. 

My favourite written/drawn Japanese works are:

1. Utsuro No Hako (Light Novel) [One of the smartest and most compelling works I've ever read. Looking forward to the eventual epilogue]

2. Gekkou (Light Novel) [Also very smart and compelling, with a fantastic protagonist I could strongly relate to]

3. Tsubasa (Manga) [The best Manga I've read, and miles ahead of the Anime. Plus, it's complete]

4. Hunter x Hunter (Manga) [It has the greatest story amongst all Manga I've read, however, the lazy art and hiatus' prevent it from being number 1 here. Also, the Anime is far superior in every single way. Still the best Shounen of all time]

5. Parasyte (Manga) [One of the first Manga's I ever read way back when I was young. My first Seinen series, filled with amazing writing, character development and gory as hell stuff. A true masterpiece of a Manga]

My favourite genres are:

Battle Shounen, Mecha, Mystery, Psychological and anything with a unique concept or something fresh. I also really like deconstructions and symbolic works that provide the viewer with deep and meaningful messages and/or critique.

My least favourite genres are:

Slice of life, Sports, Moe, or anything that is a rehash of stuff that's been done time and time again. I don't see much point in watching shows like these because they simply mirror real life. I watch Anime because it is exciting, because it is different and because it can tell stories that no other medium can tell. Why would I want to watch someone's school life? I can watch a movie or TV series about that, or I could simply recount my own experience at school. There are no stakes, plot or anything going on in them. They're not for me.

My top 5 Male Anime characters are:

1. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

2. Fai D. Flourite (Tsubasa)

3. Tsunayoushi Sawada (Hitman Reborn)

4. Jin Yuichi (World Trigger)

5. Yang Wenli (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)

My top 5 Female Anime Characters:

1. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

2. Lucy Heartfillia (Fairy Tail)

3. Akira Aoi (WIXOSS)

4. Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

5. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)

My top 5 Anime Villains:

1. Meruem (Hunter x Hunter)

2. Seishirou Sakurazuka (Tokyo Babylon/X/Tsubasa)

3. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

4. Griffith/Femto (Berserk)

5. Byakuran (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

My top 5 Anime Soundtracks:

1. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Beautiful stuff)

2. Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Epic stuff)

3. Sword Art Online (Epic stuff done by the same artist who did Tsubasa's OST)

4. Dragon Ball Z (The english soundtrack, not the shitty Japanese one)

5. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Beautiful epic space opera stuff)

Anime Stats:

1st Anime: Dragon Ball Z

5th Anime: Death Note

10th Anime: Tsubasa Chronicle

50th Anime: Monster

100th Anime: Eden of the East

150th Anime: Deadman Wonderland

200th Anime: Berserk Movie III: Descent

250th Anime: Selector Spread WIXOSS

300th Anime: Erased

My Anime Awards (Starting from 2010):


Anime of the Year: Tatami Galaxy

Anime of the Season:

Winter: Durarara!!   Spring: Angel Beats!   Summer: Shiki   Autumn: Panty and Stocking

Worst Anime: K-ON!


Anime of the Year: Kaiji

Anime of the Season:

Winter: Level E   Spring: Toriko   Summer: Mawaru Penguin Drum   Autumn: Mirai Nikki

Worst Anime: Deadman Wonderland [Review:]


Anime of the Year: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)

Anime of the Season:

Winter: Another   Spring: Space Battleship Yamato 2199   Summer: Sword Art Online   Autumn: Shinsekai Yori

Worst Anime: Kuroko's Basketball


Anime of the Year: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Anime of the Season:

Winter: Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited   Spring: Attack on Titan   Summer: Blood Lad   Autumn: Hajime no Ippo

Worst Anime: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club [Review:]


Anime of the Year: Hunter x Hunter (2011) [It ended that year, so I'm putting it here, even though it was the best Anime for every year it was running anyway)

Anime of the Season:

Winter: Noragami   Spring: WIXOSS   Summer: Jojo: Stardust Crusaders   Autumn: Parasyte -The Maxim-

Worst Anime: Free! Eternal Summer [Review:]


Anime of the Year: World Trigger: Fugitive Arc

Anime of the Season:

Winter: Jojo: Stardust Crusaders: Egypt Arc   Spring: DanMachi   Summer: Rokka no Yuusha   Autumn: World Trigger: Fugitive Arc

Worst Anime: Free! Starting Days


Anime of the Year: TBC

Anime of the Season:

Winter: Ajin  Spring: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable  Summer: TBC  Autumn: TBC

Worst Anime (At this point in time): Myriad Colours Phantom World 

My Top 5 Japanese Role Playing Games/Series:

1. Tales of Series (Mostly Symphonia)

2. Earthbound Series (Mother Series)

3. Shin Megami Tensei Series

4. Dark Chronicle

5. Kingdom Hearts Series

My Top 5 Non-Japanese Role Playing Games/Series:

1. The Legend of Zelda Series

2. Super Mario Series (Specifically Super Mario World)

3. Mega Man Series (Preferably the Classic Series, but X and Zero are still great)

4. Legacy of Kain Series

5. Banjo Kazooie

More things about me:

I write reviews on here whenever I feel like it. I can be very critical, even of shows I enjoy.

My first Anime was "Dragon Ball Z", which I often watched on Cartoon Network as a kid. Afterwards, I discovered "Naruto" several years later, and I began to truly dive into the Anime world. My first proper Anime that wasn't one of the big fighting Shounen series was "Tsubasa", which I completely fell in love with and remained my top Anime for many years.

I have a girlfriend who I've been in a relationship with for over 5 years. Her name is Cheri and I love her to bits <3 She's my entire world and I wouldn't be the person I am today if she wasn't here <3 I don't know what I'd do without her in my life <3

We have a cat named Belle. We call her Babybell. She's adorable <3

I prefer English Dubs because it's the language I speak, but more recently, I have begun to watch subtitled Anime for frequently.

For a long time I was a dub purist, who would only watch dubbed Anime. However, I now watch subtitled shows. Despite this, I still prefer to watch a dub if one exists, unless it's shitty.

I don't really like "casual" anime fans. They are annoying, and they make us look bad. I have nothing against people being new to the medium, but the fact they lost their shit over every show they watch and rate everything a 10, no matter what is just kind of irritating and frustrating sometimes.

However I also dislike "elitist" anime fans who bash everyone who doesn't fit with their "superior" taste. They also make us look like stuck up morons. At the end of the day, we're all watching Japanese Animation that is made for entertainment and for monetary gain. It's silly to insult people and have heated arguments and flame wars over what is essentially nothing more than a consumer product made to make mountains of cash. It's Anime and people can enjoy what they want. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I do not like the phrase "Otaku" as I feel it is an unnecessary and stupid label. We are not "special", we are just normal people who like Anime. We are not a subculture or anything of the sort, and I find it silly that a lot of the community feel otherwise.

I also cannot stand Weeaboos. I get that people like Japan a lot, but seriously, you shouldn't love and worship an entire country solely because you like Anime.

As much as I go on and on about how my taste is absolute and the most accurate, I am willing to accept the tastes of others. I do not belittle people for liking a show I didn't like or hating a show I thought was the greatest thing ever. However, I do like to discuss opinions, and I am willing to engage in healthy and clean discussion with those who reject my taste.

I believe everyone is entitled to enjoy what they enjoy and no one else should have the right to tell them otherwise. While my reviews do come across as preachy at times (my "Free!" review especially), I do not believe in swaying people or forcing people to dislike or like something. I simply like to share my opinion with others and enjoy writing reviews. People should enjoy what they enjoy, even if I, or anyone else, finds it bad. One persons shit is another persons masterpiece, and that's fine.

I will never emotionally get over the fact that the "Hunter x Hunter" Anime has ended. That Anime single-handedly changed me as a person, and I miss it terribly.

I play video games a lot, I like JRPG's the most. Outside of that, I also really enjoy games by Nintendo. I am a firm believer that they still make some of the best games of our time.

I don't read Manga very often, and I always prefer Anime over it. Something about stuff moving just it more engaging to watch. However, if a title interests me enough and the Anime ends prematurely, then I will often go read the Manga.

I read Light Novels. Outside of those, I read Horror and Fantasy novels. Darren Shan remains my favourite author to this day. I also really like David Eddings and other Fantasy writers.

I used to make AMV's long ago. Nowadays I don't have time, but I'd love to go back to it sometime.

I'm a Nintendo fanboy, but I love all of the systems, and play them all. My favourite consoles are my Wii U and PS3. I'm currently playing Tales of Zestiria, Super Smash Bros. 4 and Earthbound (Mother 2).

I work as a Functionality Tester for video games. Before that, I studied Games Design at University for four years.

I also enjoy ROM Hacking, and have hacked several retro games, although I've never finished a hack.

I enjoy writing, but can never find the time nor patience to do it.

I collect figures, I have about 20 or so at the moment.

I actually buy my anime, as opposed to downloading it illegally. I only download shows that aren't released here on DVD, mostly subtitled shows. Once they are released here however, I buy them.

I am a big fan of Metal music, my favourite bands are Coheed and Cambria and Stratovarius.

I often play Anime Opening and Ending themes as I drive. It's become a very strange routine of mine.

I consider myself an incredibly lazy person, and often procrastinate due to said laziness. However, when I try hard at something, I normally do very well.

I have very minor OCD when it comes to specific things. My Anime collection is in alphabetical order for example, and if this is disrupted, I tend to lose my shit and freak out if I can't get it back to the way it was. I also have this crazy need to 100% every video game I play, which sometimes results in me quitting playing entirely or folowing detailed guides if I can't get everything.

Want to know more? Comment here or add me on the following:

PSN: TheCrimsonClaw

Nintendo Network: TheCrimsonClaw [Play Smash Bros and Splatoon with me!]

Xbox Live: TheChronosCat [Never use this]

Skype: TheChronosCat [Rarely use this]

About my watching:

- I rarely watch more than three shows at a time. This is because I dislike piling up multiple stories and having to take in all their separate information at once, as I tend to get a rather muddled up head when trying to recall multiple things from multiple shows. I usually strictly keep it to three shows at once, although under specific circumstances, I will go over this. Like right now... My watching list is getting beyond the joke to the point it's driving me insane thinking about it.

- I hardly ever watch ongoing shows, and if I do, I wait until they are nearly finished. The exceptions to this are very long shows, which I normally watch on an arc by arc basis, meaning I watch them after an arc is completed, then stop until the current arc is over.

- I almost never drop shows because I feel everything can improve over time, and if it doesn't, I've come far enough anyway, so I may as well finish it.

- I stall Anime sometimes, normally long shows because I prefer to take them in slowly an arc at a time.

About my reviewing:

- I do not base my review scores purely on enjoyment, rather, I look at the shows overall quality as a series, based on Story, Characters, Animation and Sound. Enjoyment should not be a factor in a critical review of a series, as it blinds ones opinion to score some objectively.

- That being said, almost every show I score high, I tend to find the most enjoyable anyway, as I'm a sucker for well made shows.

- I am a firm believer that a well written story, and great cast of characters are the most important elements of any good show, and that animation and sound are always secondary. Visuals can be important at times, but in most cases, if the story is crap, then no amount of fancy visuals can save it from being a bad show. There are some exceptions to this, but these are incredibly rare.

- Just because I gave something a low score, does not mean I did not enjoy the show at all or that I hate it. It just means the show was lacking in quality, did not meet my expectations or just simply wasn't all that great.

- I believe that hype kills most shows, and base my reviews around this belief. If a show is crazily hyped up, I will tend to address this in my review, and explain why it did/did not deserve the hype surrounding it. In some cases, hype can even affect my score of a show for either ruining or meeting my expectations due to hype.

- On the other hand, if a show is bashed to no end, and I enjoyed it, I will also address this for the same reasons.

- I can be a fairly harsh critic when it comes to reviewing things, to the point that most shows average at around a 6 or 7. Some people may view this as unfair, but when you consider the few shows that have a score at 8 or above, it's understandable why I score other shows, that aren't as good lower.

My review ratings system:

10/10 - An absolute masterpiece! Why aren't you watching this?!: Reserved only for near perfect shows, that are almost flawless in every aspect. A true masterpiece. This does not necessarily mean a show is perfect. However, any shows with this rating are the closest thing to perfection. So far, only "Hunter x Hunter (2011)" and "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)" have received this score from me.

9/10 - It's sheer brilliance if there ever was such a thing. Watch it. Now.: Only the truly amazing shows that are among the best are here. The shows that stand out from most others and do some powerful and new stuff.

8/10 - It's a truly excellent series, and one you should definitely check out.: Shows that are really great fall into this area. They have their flaws, but they're still brilliant and worth the watch.

7/10 - It's almost great and you should watch it.: Stuff that is really good, but not great falls into this range. Definitely still worth watching, but you'll notice it's flaws.

6/10 - It's very good and you should give it a chance.: Stuff that is good, but quite mediocre and nothing new falls into this. It's worth giving it a chance, but it's not guaranteed to be a hit with you.

5/10 - It's okay... Watch it if you feel it's necessary.: Shows that are... Okay fall into here... You can miss it out. You're not missing much.

4/10 - It's pretty bad. It's mediocre.: Nothing much impressive here, and you won't be missing anything spectacular.

3/10 - It's really bad and you should miss it out.: Reserved for some really, truly bad shows. You shouldn't really be watching this but I can't stop you.

2/10 - It's awful, awful, awful. Avoid it.: Reserved for some really horrendous shows with little to no merits. Avoid it like the plague.

1/10 - This shit is truly dreadful. Don't even consider it.: Reserved for shows that are so bad, words can barely describe how awful this shit is. Don't watch under any circumstances.

0/10 - KILL IT. FUCKING KILL IT. WHY DOES THIS SHIT EVEN EXIST?!: Reserved for abominations that are so bad that they can't even be considered anime any more. Some truly evil and horrible shit that you should kill, for if viewed, they will destroy your very soul. I am yet to award a series with this score, but I'm sure one exists out there somewhere.

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kaelja says...

Bet you didn't expect me to disappear for half a month :P

anyways, I'm probably procrastinating something right now but I don't know what. Otherwise I wouldn't be on this site :P (It's the nice weather that keeps me from AP)

So yeah the HxH troll dude was weird xD I'm not gonna dignify the comment with a response xP

Yeah xD Weird part, he made his account the same day he commented on my profile (and probably the others) so you'd almost say he read the review and made an account especially to do that XD

Okay I am super hyped to see the dark continent beginnings!! I'm also missing World Trigger :( When that anime returns I will jump to the moon out of joy :D

OH! Dude where are you now with Fairy Tail?? I LOVE the music in the second season. I wanna know what you think of the Arc after GMG!

Well Tenrou was pretty intense at some points yes. The timeskip I kinda liked. And the survivability of the characters is pretty predictable :D Still I accepted it as the happy-go-lucky-can't-die-y show it is. I'm actually pretty bummed out it's over again >_< Although this means one good thing! The OST of the Tartaros Arc should be released! (Although I haven't heard anything T^T)

Oh that's kinda lame.. Still that's what you get ofcourse, if you reach more people. The internet is a nest of vultures and vipers :P I wouldn't worry too much about it, they probably just felt threatened. Lots of communities are often ruled by pricks in my experience. I like the ppl here on Anime-Planet. It's a shame review-reading isn't so popular here..

Don't be discouraged! You have a certain writing style that you are loyal too (like a columnist) and it's entertaining to read. Maybe if people took the time to read more consecutively they liked it more (I feel like you only posted 1 so far) And you're not a soft critc, so you're bound to be hated on, but that's the fun perhaps. I mean, I dare someone to defend Tokyo Ghoul route anus storywise X'D

And again don't worry about the comment lenght :P I don't feel discouraged replying if that's why you say it. When I disappear, it's from everyday apathy xP

May 19, 2016
Jehowi says...

I get impulsive when I get angry. That's why I 'reviewed' it.

May 16, 2016
Jehowi says...

Well, the anime insulted me, so I insulted it back. I said in my review that I wouldn't waste any words on that piece of crap.

May 16, 2016
Jehowi says...

A review is always about what somebody liked or disliked. You can hardly call a review objective. Everyone has a different opinion.

May 14, 2016
Jehowi says...

Well, I find the fact that you're telling me to learn to review insulting. Not all of my reviews are two sentences long.

May 13, 2016