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I will describe myself in pictures. It's what I do.







Well if that's not enough I'm a 17 year old guy living in the US California to be exact and youre not gettin any further info on location you stalkers! Going to community college for a masters in music theory at the moment. Later I hope to improve my skills with an instrument or two maybe be a lyricist or songwriter. In the little time I have to do anything nowadays I enjoy listening to music, drawing, playing random MMORPGs, or reading manga/watching anime.

P.S. I have a penchant for anything cute. Like a girl. Yeah. Laugh. Jerks.



Being obsessed with simcity 4 and sims 2


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HikaruTenshi avatar HikaruTenshi

Great Profile!

Aug 25, 2009
wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87

You Rock!

Mar 26, 2008

Nice to see you on the forums!

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