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Death Note & Code Geass - Honour *SPOILERS*

11 MAR

Today I will be comparing the two animes; Death Note and Code Geass. The main point that I want to put forward is that both main characters die for what they believe in. One failing, one dying for the completion of the mission.

Death Note had my heart been risen and couldn't tell what the next twist would be. I believe that it lost its’ thunder after the death of L and was quite glad that it ended; I didn't feel like sitting through the same crap over again. But I do believe that it shouldn't have been solved solely on N and Mello. If it were to be solved by them alone it should have taken longer. I'm going to say this briefly because I want to get onto the comparison, but L should have left behind some clues that Near and Mello both notice as well as Light, Near and Mello would have to overcome their competitivity to join together and work out that Light was Kira. Just my opinion and it still isn't that good, I would think it an improvement if played right though.

Code Geass in the end got emotional. It was very good at the beginning and dipped at the beginning of the second season, but afterwards I think that it surpassed the first season, which is rare. I really didn't get CC's objective and all that stuff with the gods or something, but it didn't really seem to be too important. Code Geass shows strategy, and although I don't watch too much mecha, this one showed me that it wasn't all mindless brawling and showed lots more one hit kill strategy.

Now for the comparison, both Light and Lelouch set out on a mission to obliterate evil, as it were, both of which included killing people and overcoming emotions. This wasn't too hard for Light, as time went on he got very cold and didn't feel for anyone. But with Lelouch when he loses Shirley he breaks down. It's also worth noticing that Light is pretending to like everybody and Lelouch is pretending to be a cold killer bent on power. They are really trying to be each other. I am going to end on their deaths. The main point of Death Note is that Light is killed by Ryuk, he dies unhappy and insane, loses all his dignity and doesn't complete his objective. It is important to take his perspective though; he is in his mind the good guy; he is killing the bad guys. Very childish as L rightfully put. In code geass Lelouch dies happy, as his 'symbol' of justice kills him. It is all well planned and as he slides down to Nunnally all those that were close to him realise what he has done and sacrificed, it makes you happy. All the people he cared about will respect him and honour him as a great mind and a great power of justice. Others will recognise his 'alter ego', Zero, and will celebrate the day that Lelouch died. It ends by showing the sorrow left to Nannally and the burden put on Suzaku's shoulders.

Two top shows that I would defiantly recommend.


The next blog I plan to write is "Pornographic Misleading Covers - Gantz vol.1 vs. Sundome vol.1"



MOJ avatar MOJ
Mar 12, 2011

Good blog, just a small suggestion...i've seen these animes before so it wasn't too hard for me but i would recommend you mention "SPOILERS" at the top or something. Becuase if a person who is currently watching or wants to watch any of these two series and then stumbles upon your blog, their lives will be ruined :P

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