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I like my anime the same as my women - dark and deep and a little bit disturbing. Nothing makes me happier than experiencing real feelings of love or hatred for a fictional character. I like to feel unnerved by the material I consume. Got any reccomendations you don't see on my list? Hit me up!

Since I'm not a sanctimonious little prick like animefreak17a, I'm not ashamed to admit that I illegally torrent ALL the anime I watch, instead of waiting for it to come out on DVD like some 1995 chump. The fact that I don't pay for them does NOT mean I am not a "true anime fan." I find ecchi to be obnoxious as it tends to just use fanservice as a distraction from the fact that there's no storyline and the characters suck. I loved Lelouche from Code Geass because the ends DO justify the means when the world is at war. I loved all the humans in Shiki except for Seishin becasue he's a traitor and a murderer who betrayed his own race to aid those who ALREADY HAD a shot at life and think the fact that theirs was cut short is justification for them doing the EXACT SAME THING to countless others. All of the Shiki deserved to be massacred. 

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thebarfscarf says...

Animefreak17a is a coward. How about you unblock me so that we can converse like men? Or you can keep hiding like a little frightened child. How about this. If you DON'T respond to me and allow me to respond to you, I'm just going to assume that you admit I'm right and you're wrong and that you are a pathetic little simpleton. Unless you respond, that's they way we'll leave things. Sayonara, little 'fraidy cat. 

Aug 25, 2015
animefreak17a says...

also your a hypocrite

you like lelouch but you also like ohgi..... the man who betrayed lelouch.

also pan from dragonball gt sucks ...... atleast from gt.... actully dragonball gt sucks

Aug 19, 2015
animefreak17a says...

by the way........

lelouch was a whinny little prick that missed his mommy and fought britannia because he did it for his little sister and petty revenge against daddy and used everyone one including his knights ...... who betrayed him which is fucking funny as hell..... just like how the hero monk from shiki killed that bearded bastard in the end of the manga lool

oh and it serves tthe humans right for losing everything in  shiki lol and sunako and the monk got away.

yor clearly a fool who doesnt understand why the shiki did what they did..... the humans foreced there way of life on every body even the monk and his father and made fun of migumi.

you clearly lack understanding

like why suzaku hates lelouch and why the shki did what they did...... and its people like you i pity

a real anime enjoys the story of the series or moive because of its story ....

i buy my anime because im not only a fan but a collector too..... i watch old and new .... unlike you who possibly watches anime because its popular.......

you have problems and anger issues and i pity you

Aug 19, 2015
animefreak17a says...

suzaku isnt a traitor .... if anything lelouch mommies boy is the traitor

migumi was a regular girl who wanted to get away from that village of hicks and a mad doctor

you do suck dude

anyways at least i dont make a habbit of harrasing others like you do......... all i said was you suck

and look at your page....... clearly you have anger problems

Aug 19, 2015