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I like my anime the same as my women - dark and deep and a little bit disturbing. Nothing makes me happier than experiencing real feelings of love or hatred for a fictional character. I like to feel unnerved by the material I consume. Got any reccomendations you don't see on my list? Hit me up!

Since I'm not a sanctimonious little prick like animefreak17a, I'm not ashamed to admit that I illegally torrent ALL the anime I watch, instead of waiting for it to come out on DVD like some 1995 chump. The fact that I don't pay for them does NOT mean I am not a "true anime fan." I find ecchi to be obnoxious as it tends to just use fanservice as a distraction from the fact that there's no storyline and the characters suck. I loved Lelouche from Code Geass because the ends DO justify the means when the world is at war. I loved all the humans in Shiki except for Seishin becasue he's a traitor and a murderer who betrayed his own race to aid those who ALREADY HAD a shot at life and think the fact that theirs was cut short is justification for them doing the EXACT SAME THING to countless others. All of the Shiki deserved to be massacred. 

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LichtundSchatten says...

I am aware that I am not a part in your seemingly intense hate for animefreak17a. However, I can see that you are taking matters way too far. You advertise with not only comments around the site, but with even your avatar and header, your consistent bashing of this user. Something may have occurred that I am not aware of at the current moment to make you act so childishly, but I doubt that's justification for your foolish actions toward animefreak17a. Thank you for taking time to read this. 

And while I'm on your profile, you do realize torrenting your anime damages the industry right? It's fine, every otaku is guilty of doing that, but when and a majority of otakus do the same consistently, you're tearing the industry apart slowly. Manglobe went bankrupt because of that. 

Nov 22, 2015
JapanFreak says...

thanks for the warnning

Oct 20, 2015
farcide says...

well she is scary even if in the anime

Oct 18, 2015
farcide says...

So your not terrified of balalakia? she scary as fuck 

Oct 12, 2015
animefreak17a says...

sorry i forgot to add why i like seishin and why i dont see him as a traitor

i saw it from his point of view.....

when seishin and the doctor was kids the doctor said that they shouldnt do what the villagers wanted them to be and live their own lives ....... the vllagers was about tradition and keeping everything the same.

seishin tried to kill him self in collage because he felt like his life wasnt his own......... his father was the same he was brought up to become the next family head ....... and he had a stroke .....and seishin decided to stay because he didnt want to leave his father in that state while the villagers was forcing him to contiune his job.........

when the docotr and seishin grew up they gave in and just went along with what the villagers wanted....... didnt you even understand seishins story about abel and cain

basically cain and abel was the same person abel was the side everyone loved and did all the burdens that was stoud apon him and cain killed abel and freed him from his burdens so cain was free.

bassically if people love you becasue your doing things for them and doing  what they want you to do

In the manga it's stated that Abel did not like the people he lived with because they forced to be perfect and manage all duties they had given to him without asking for his opinion or will. He was happy to be killed by Cain and wanted Cain to kill him. Cain freed him from the burdens Abel had to shoulder. 

From what Muroi had said, it appears that Cain/Abel committed suicide, which seems to mirror Seishin himself as he attempted to take his own life in the past. and he was forced to take resposiblity for something he didnt want from the beginning ...... they forced him to become the next head monk without even asking him if he could.... it wasnt his choice.

i mean if you want to have people make your choices for you making you do what they want you to do then fine be my guessed....... but if others say that i have to...

believe what they believe

live how they live

do what they do

ect ect

then thats not living your living how others want you to live.... you have no choices.

and there are people out their who dont like others because of there diffrences and beliefs.

andd this is why i admire him ...... he chose what he was going to do and how he would live..... not what others wanted him to do.

if anything the doctor is the push over... he became the one thing he hated he became what others wanted him to be ... he wasnt living his life but livng for what other people wanted him to do.

i mean look at what he did to his own wife....... he married her because his mother told him to........ now if he did llove her then he wouldnt of expermented on her....... but nope he expermented on her while she was crying and begging him to stop ......AND SHE WAS THE SAME FUCKING PERSON ...... instead of trying yo help her he kills her without even flinching....... if it was me id help my mother or girlfriend or siblings who turned in to shiki....... i bet youd kill yours without hesitation ..... you have no love.

but instead he expermented on her like she wasnt the same person...... WHICH SHE FUCKING WAS....... the doctor was a push over and a hypocrite.

would you let other people chose how to live your life...... would you let other people chose what you should believe, would you?

the monk is the hero

the doctor is a push over hypocrite that cant think for him self

if anything.... the doctor is the traitor ... he knew the shiki was them self after becoming shiki but he kept that info to him self.

also what about the human who kill other humans and the way they killed the shiki in the series and manga .... if anything the humans are thee monsters.

look at migumi they mocked her because of what she wore and she felt like she didnt belong there ....... and to be honest i understand what she is going though i was in a situation like that in school i felt i didnt belong there and i hated it yes i understand migumi ..........but at least the village burned down and was destoyed which was funny lol

peace out

Sep 7, 2015