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Jun 11, 2014

this anime was.. . . . . meh

every anime does some things really well, and they dont all necessarily do things that suck though. 

However, what D-Grayman did badly was.  . . . . . try to be as good as Soul Eater.  This anime was a kind cheap Soul Eater knock off.

as I said previously, all animes have something that they do well, and D-Grayman is no exception.  My issue with it is that it did not do those things very often.

So I would like to point out that this anime had some obvious things that would have made it nicer.  While the planet and world they were in was simply ours, they didnt use enough maps, show us where the action is.  Where is the Black order, ect.  I compare this with Eureka 7 and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, both of which did this fairly well.

Another thing they could have done better was more content and less filler.  Im sure someone could argue with me and say "it was all to build the story", however at least up to where I watched there were many pieces that seemed pretty damn useless.  Those are considered fillers and D-Grayman used it too much.  

Another issue is a simple one, and of course if you have read my reviews then you know that this reason alone keeps an anime from being a 10 (if it has the potential to be a 10).  THE ANIME DID NOT COVER THE WHOLE STORY.  It simply was not finished, they stopping it early.  This is why I would rather them take out all the filler crap and give us more of the goods.  That way there is a better chance of them finishing the series before they run out of money or lose popularity blah blah.

Story:  solid enough, it was an action adventure with some twists.  At times it felt like they drew away from the story, like when the akuma started getting all sentimental.  However for the most part the story was decent.  Again just too many fillers getting in the way.

Animation: dissapointing, the action was repetitive and lame.  Although a lot of things get repetitive in Monster of the week style anime.  But even for that it was boring a lame.  No dice.

Sound: like animation, there but meh.  Just nothing worth caring about.

Characters:  Most anime have no issue with characters, because where there is one character that sucks, there are 4 or 5 that dont.  However D-Grayman had original characters that I could come to enjoy.

Overall:  7, just barely made the "ok to watch" list.  Not saying much though.  This is one of those animes that you watch as a filler anime to other animes.

8/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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asha11 Oct 4, 2015

Soul eater? It was nothing like it. D.Gray-man anime was much better. Plus its drawing was much more pleasant to look at. Sorry, but the drawings of Soul Eater was pretty ugly to me.