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Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Feb 16, 2014

WARNING, after looking back on this review I got carried away and my language is a little bad.  So read at your own discretion, im not to blame if you are insulted or anything.

if you want to see my review of Gundam as a whole I will have a note for it.  Check it out if you want a look at some of the great things and largest flaws of Gundam.

Another Gundam.  In general, I really like gundam. It has moments scenes and themes that make me get into it, but there are also things that I obviously dont like about it.  The funny things is that they are so much alike, so the things I do and dont like about them are pretty much the same. 

9.5, that is a damn fine score.  The only other 9.5 I have given at this time is Guilty Crown and that one was damn good too.  9.5 means that it was barely short of perfection in my opinion. So lets hop in because I really want to talk about it XD.

Story: Intense, Code Geass was even more intense and maybe that is why it got a 10 where this one didnt.  It was insanity.  This anime will keep you enthralled.  If you are an action anime guy like me then you will like this.  It never ends.  Really awesome.  Always watch in HD.

Animation: 10, boom, done.  Of course there are OVAs and things that look nicer, but I honestly dont count those.  Dont ask why, but I dont.  This anime got a 10 in animation.  My word is supreme SUCK IT UP, just kidding.  My opinion is my own and thats the way it should be.  I liked the animation a lot.

Sound:  Nice and purtty.  The op and end were all awesome expect one of the last ops.  music was great in the anime. It got me in the mood for the anime.

Characters:  OOOOOOOH, 10.  The characters were awesome.  The characters rarely didnt make sense.  Most of the characters had very strong personalities.  I dont mean radical or anything, simply that they didnt sway.  Their identities were extremely solid, and I really really liked that.  Also you just had to love the characters.  However not in the same way as Pshyco Pass.  I mean lets be honest who here actually likes Ali Al-Saachez?  NO ONE HE WAS A [email protected]@rd, but he played one of the most peeeeerfect bad guys you have ever f***ing seen.  Every role played here made this anime mother frickin fantastic.  FURTHERMORE, the Gundam Meisters were AWESOME.  At the beggining of the anime you are reminded of Gundam Wing.  A small number of elite badass mothers with a desire to rip some serious @$$ and take names.  BUT THEY WERE EVEN BETTER THEN THE GUNDAM WING DUDES!!!  In Wing they had some really lame moments.  "Why am I fighting, this is so wrong". SHUT UP KATRA YOU ARE A BITCH!!  The Gundam 00 Gundam Meisters knew EXACTLY what they were fighting for and they didnt sway half as much as the Wing guys.  They were solid, strong.  They had their weaknesses, but that was part of their identity and their past.  Otherwise they were completely awesome.  I loved them all.  Some of the greatest characters EVAR. BUT WAIT WHERE THE HELL WAS THE MASKED MAN?!?!?!?!? Its ok though, they still had Haro XD

Overall:  If you like action
             If you like mecha
             If you like gundam
             If you like epic stories
             waste no more time
             Go watch it. 

9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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