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Guilty Crown

now I know this is long, but there is much to explain, and I am ranting a little bit.  I will do my regular breakdown but I need to go over the ending they chose a little too.

When I watch an anime, I want to see something extraordinary. I want to see epic battles, I want the emotions of the anime to fill me up.  I want to see the horrible prices paid, and I want to see the prizes won for all that was given and done.  Just recently I finished Deadman Wonderland.  the story was so so so sad, but the ending was beautifully happy.  In Guilty Crown, we see all of these sad things, we see the epic fights, the loss the love, the evil and the just, and we see victory in the end.  but I wanted to see that extraordinary ending that could never happen in real life.  this anime was so good that something had to go right in the end.  However, this is the sole reason that it got a 9 rather then a 10, and that is, that the loss and the prices paid, seemed far too high.  

this is gonna have a little bit of SPOILER in it so read at your own discretion, but I will try not to ruin everything.  Now there are animes where everyone lives and is happy, there are animes where everyone dies, but it ends up happy because people died together.  There are animes where the hero mans up kicks butt saves the girl, but to save the world for the girl to live in he has to die, and then there are the animes where the hero mans up kicks butt, saves the world but the girl ends up dying instead for whatever reason.  Now honestly, that is a huge spike driven right down into my soul.  When the hero fights and loses friends and family, and suffers, and saves the girl, if he finds that he has to die in the end as one last blessing to the girl then it was worth it.  this is because after everything he went through he is able to give one last gift to the girl and die knowing what he has done.  That is awesome.  But when the hero suffers, loses friends and family, and saves the world, the worst thing you can do is make the girl die so he has to live with that failure.  Sure, maybe he is content with saving the world, but after you saved the world, its the girl that is important.  I wouldnt care to rule or be a celebrity or be recognized after everything.  I would want the girl that I fell in love with.    This is the reason that this anime broke me a little bit. . . .ok a lot.  And that isnt all, not only did he lose her, he also lost sight and an arm.   OUCH, lets just make this more miserable.

Story:  amazing story.  It had the perfect amount of everything.  I really loved it all the way through

Animation:  Production I.G. > 9000

Sound:  music, perfect
            voice acting, perfect
            effects, perfect
            opening ending themes, perfect
            again production I. G. > 9000

Characters:  at first Shu Ouma was a little bitch, however he quickly became a totally awesome badass.  The character building was amazing.  The relationships between so many of the characters were beautiful.  Other than Angel Beats I have never been so close to crying when someone died as in this anime.  The sacrifices were painful, but also gorgeous.

Overall:  the ending hurt. . . . .bad. . . .really really bad.  One of the most painful endings I have ever seen, that is why this gets a 9 HOWEVER, THIS ANIME IS SO DAMN GOOD THAT I CAN STILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.  Enjoy the watch, guys.  Its gonna hurt, but the ending is still very beautiful. 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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Legend00 says...

SPOILER -I agree with everything you said, but from what i have come to is that Inori didnt die but became one with shuu because if you remember gui said that if the fourth apocolapse would have been done then all would be a hive mind in the crystal, so when shuu and inori were encased in the crystal she gave her body to save shuu, which would also explain shuu being blind in the end. That is just my take on the ending, i could be wrong but it makes the most sense to me.

Mar 4, 2014