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Deadman Wonderland

Oct 18, 2013

Now I dont read manga often, but the anime was amazing and I wanted to see more.  I had to wait for a while though while the artist was on maturnal leave.  However once I saw that it was finished I had to read it through once more and finish the story

and let me tell you . . . . 

the ending . . . . . 

was . . . . .


Now in a manga, I find it hard to grasp the action.  the sounds, the voices, ect.  It was the same in this one.  However I understood enough to know that it was epic.  The final battles were great, and in the end, I was extremely satisfied.  

Story:  The whole concept of Deadman Wonderland is awesome.  The story was different, and everything worked perfectly together like a cog in a machine somewhere in G Sector ( see what I did there ;)  ).  

Art:  I have seen worse, but since im not familiar with many manga I will give it a 9 instead of 10.  

Characters:  so many lovable characters,  they didnt deviate much, they were consistent.  Of course that doesnt mean that they didnt grow at all.  They had good character building as well.  The right characters got the focus too.  It was perfect.

Overall:  wow.  This story was gruesome, ugly, messed up, horribly sad. . . and . .  completely awesome.  It was so sad for a while that I was worried nothing would change, but with an ending like this one,  how can you not just feel better about everything in life.  I highly recommend checking this out, and lets all hope that the anime somehow manages to fix its screw-ups and be as good as the manga.  This deserves to be an awesome anime.

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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