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Yumekui Merry

Sep 21, 2013

ok, so I know that the numbers up there dont really add up.  However the criteria above do not cover everything necessary for this to get the 6 that it got.  I will explain.

Story:  The story was compelling and the anime has made me decide to read the manga.  The story was very very different and I love to see that in animes, the best ones stand out.

Animation:  The animation was great, especially from a studio that ive never even heard of.  It was right on par with most today.  I was suprised considering the low ratings it has.

Sound: bleh, now im going to cover several parts, voice acting, music, ambient sounds and opening and ending.  Ok so this was meh at best.  The opening and ending themes were good and I liked them, they seemed to fit and they were catchy.  The ambient sound was actually very good, much like the animations.  The music. . . . was aweful.  They had like 2 sound tracks, but that isnt the worst part.  The worst part is where they decided to place these songs, they were so out of place it almost brought me to tears.  PREPARE FOR EPIC FIGHT SCENE, QUE LAME @$$ MUSIC.  Voice acting.  Some characters did awesome, and if you didnt know most of the voice actors are actually from Angel Beats too.  They are GREAT voice actors and I love them, but a few character and parts were simply not well put together for the voice actors, but I dont blame the voice actors for this.

Characters:  I loved the characters, almost all of them including many of the minor characters were totally lovable, even the bad guys.  It was great I want to read the manga just for the characters and the story.

overall:  now this needs some explaining;

1)  the series was NOT COMPLETE, big ouch in my book.  I hate that
2) there was an overall strangness, I guess the best way to describe it is that the studio that made this anime didnt really have a good feel for the world this story was in, or what it was about.  they didnt have a good grip on any of it.
3) not exciting really :/  while the animations were fine, the fight scenes were really really lame.  You could tell that corners were cut.

and those are the reasons that this gets a 6, in other words, I wont recommend you to watch it.  That doesnt mean Im telling you not to watch it (like I did with pumpkin Scissors :P), just that Im not going to tell you that it was worth watching.  

8/10 story
8/10 animation
4/10 sound
9/10 characters
6/10 overall

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Moonphase Jun 24, 2015

Good review, but I would have still given it a lower rating due to the fact its an incomplete anime, one of my biggest peeves lol - but hey, unfortunately thats sometimes the price we have to pay.  I would have really liked to have had the story resolved better instead of the rather abrupt and quite anti-climate fighting scene with Mistleteen.

anguirus May 10, 2014

good review