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Samurai 7

Aug 25, 2013

I know that everything is above a 6 but I would not waste your time with this one.  It seemed way to pointless in the end, very unsatisfying. 

Story:  The story was alright, it kept me interested for the most part.  They were always somewhere new or doing something important.  So I give it an 8 for being solid.  HOWEVER, its rather annoying that the ending was so damn blazay.  It seems like no one can end an anime in any kind of good way.  frustrating to say the least.

Animation: needless to say, nothing special will be found here in terms of animation.

Sound: some of the voice actors were legit as hell, some were lame as hell, the rest were pretty solid.  the soundtrack was comprised of like 3 songs though, or thats what it seemed like.

Characters: Ergo Proxy, Wolf's rain, Samurai 7.  These anime all have a special place with me as different.  Not in a bad way, they have a strange environment and story and it really made me want to watch more.  However all of them had one major problem.  Either their plot, or characters became too difficult to understand.  The situations became so . . . "complex", if you can even call it that, that it was hard to follow what the message or goal was.  In Samurai 7 it was the characters.  In particular Katsushiro, Kanbei, and Kirara.  The relationship between them became weird, then strange, then impossible, and completely hopless.  I think the character building between these characters was the most important part and by the end of the anime it was just a massive trainwreck. This gets a 7 because of the other awesome characters, there were some pretty damn good ones, and they really made it worth watching, but it could have been much better had they focused on the right characters to build up.

Summary:  The epic fail in the character building between the 3 characters that needed it really ruined it for me.  Everything else was fine, but it gets a 6, this anime left me with an empty hole when it was all done.  Everything they did seemed pointless and all the hype about Kanbei was just dumb.  He made more mistakes then most, they made it seem like he was always right, when I found that much of what he did and said didnt really make sense.  Some characters that needed to die didnt and some that didnt need to die did.  Some characters made mistakes for the wrong reasons and then never made amends for it.  And frickin Kirara done f*cked up.  So for those reasons I would not recommend Samurai 7, too much pointlessness and emptiness in the end.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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theSentinel Sep 23, 2013

agreed. This may be disrespectful to think this, but I have to wonder if the writer made Kanbei the way he was because the writer wanted to be Kanbei.  Some kind of overglorified old guy who has the one pretty girl wanting his bod, while he get pissed off at his "apprentice" for no reason and still being justified.and yes . . .    <=S   Kuyzo was the man he was one of my favs of all time

Varagauzer Aug 25, 2013

I think you were too generous, I would have given it 5, but you're right the ending was fucked up, Kuyzo should have never died I found him to be the best character in the show and  Kirara and Katsushiro should have been together at the end, I would have liked it more if that happened