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Evangelion 1: you are (not) alone   great!!!
Evangelion 2: you can (not) advance   great!!! 
Evangelion 3: you can (not) redo. . . . .you know what? lets change the name to;
Evangelion 3: you will (not) be pleased

I dont know exactly where to begin, but I will start by telling you the major things that went horribly wrong here, then I will tell you the few things that were ok.

1) 96 min of movie 15 min of important sh*t got done within those 96 min.

to elaborate, this movie felt like the series, which showed waaaay to much unimportant crap.  Way too much scenery (and other weirdness), 15 episodes worth of Shiji sitting around trying to figure out what the f*ck to do, ect.  

2) SPOILER  Suddenly we jump 14 years into the furture. "Shiji Ikari, you will never do anything again" . . . . wait WTF?  I though in the previous one they wanted him to man up and do somthing?   Ok well thats fine but WHAT THE F*CK DID I DO WRONG?  Oh im sorry we cant tell you that because I DONT KNOW WHY.

they gave NO INFORMATION, you are left wondering what the hell happened.  Furthermore Shiji seemed to be sacking up a bit but in this one he didnt do ANYTHING TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING.  I felt like I was left out of a joke, but due to the fact that I was left out it just appears to be a sick joke.  Shinji could have said something like "would someone tell me what has happened, I cant remember anything.  Why is everyone mad at me?"   since everyone was giving him douchy looks for NO APPARENT REASON.  What is this curse?  Why the f*ck is Asuka mad too?  how many angels have they fought?  How many evas are there?  What happened to create WILLE?  Why are they fighting NERV?  Where did they get their giant ship from?  WHAT THEY HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS MOVIE

this  made the whole thing a massive clusterf*ck

3) no continuity.  oh cool a giant awesome looking ship. . . . .  that you will see once at the beggining for 2 minutes and once at the end for 2 minutes.  Why does it look like angel bones OH THATS RIGHT WE ARENT GONNA TELL YOU SH*T

hey lets play the piano to "speak" to one another.  hey lets play shogi to "speak" to one another.  Hey lets keep going back to the room scene and Rei's room scene to waste time NOT TELLING YOU WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON.  Shiji just ends up hopping from scene to scene screwing around doing whatever.  He ends up in weird places at weird times.  

another thing that made this a clusterf*ck

THE GOOD:  wait there is something good?  in fact, yes

animation was good like the first two, but not as good as either in my opinion.  Subpar to the standard they created with Eva remake 1 and 2

the soundtrack was ok 

lastly, even though no one told shinji sh*t and Asuka seemed to hate his guts right up until the end, they reverted back to showing that Asuka actually cares for Shiji from Eva Rebuild 2.  The problem was that Shiji reverted back to his Neon Genesis little bitch Shiji, which sucked because I thought he was really gonna grow a pair and be awesome.  I really liked the way that she was becoming attached to him, but at the beggining of Eva 3 it seemed like she just hated him and wanted nothing to do with him anymore.  

SO WHY DID I GIVE IT A 7. . . . . . massive amounts of pity, but they have a lot of sh*t to get right in the next one, because as it stand Im not buying this sack of crap unless the last Eva remake makes it worth it.  

I had really high hopes after  Evangelion 2: you can (not) advance.  It was awesome.  And they f*cked up this one really badly though.  just my opinion.

4/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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