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Kaze no Stigma

Jun 20, 2013

Kaze no Stigma was a pretty good anime at first, but ended up kind of meh.  There were some things that were super awesome about it, and some that I hated though.  I may have spoilers so read at your discretion.

Story:  for the most part this anime was a problem of the day style, which I dislike.  However there were so many things about it that were different and awesome that I continued watching.  So overall I enjoyed the story, until the last couple episodes.  Suddenly they jumped into the main storyline, but THEY DIDNT FINISH IT.  This was an anime meant to hook you on the manga.  That is another thing that I dislike (incomplete animes).  My biggest problem was the connection to Kazuma's past.  It kind of just sucked, he had a crappy life, and then it gets good for a little while and then everything good gets owned.  And there wasnt even any resolution in the end of the anime.  I disliked that.  I give the story an 8 though because it did keep me pretty well intruiged until the end.

Animation:  I gave this a 5 because of the ridiculous amount of replayed images.  Its like Ayano has 2 ways to shoot a fireball, nothing special at all.

Sound: 8 for ok, but nothing special

Characters:  This had one of the best parts, and that was Kazuma.  He was awesome (until the last few episodes).  So many main characters nowadays are little b**ches, but Kazuma was awesome.  He first comesback after being shunned from his family and he is a badass.  He kicks some of there a**es and takes no crap from anyone.  In fact, he demands money from his former family for his services.  THAT IS AWESOME, he flew them the bird hard and that is something most animes dont do.  Most animes pull the "oh lets try to get along", and Kazuma did get along with a couple of them, but he made it a point that he was not a part of the family any more, he stood his ground as a strong individual that takes no crap from anyone.  Truly awesome.  The problem was that at the end he turned into the "I MUST PROTECT EVERYONE" and I dislike that.  Feelings of revenge, and a feeling of not wanting to submit to other people's sh*t is natural, and I like it when a character shows natural feelings like they are ok.  Revenge for his past, which he didnt get to act on because of the corny crap that happened in the last couple episodes, is (in my opinion) a good thing to have in an anime.

Overall:  7, did GREAT AT FIRST, then ended up like your typical run of the mill "DONT HURT THE BAD GUY, DONT BE VENGFUL AND MEAN" anime.  That pissed me off.

8/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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