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This Otaku born and raised in Kansas has been experienced in the ways of Anime for almost 10 years of his 25 year career. His goal is to be the greatest fighter of the world. When examined for his power level, all anyone could ever say, was "its over 9000!!!"

Currently looking for his one true Otaku love(has yet to be flung across a school yard into a shower room to be engaged at the sight of such a girl.)

Loves videogames, pc games, reading, writing, dragon slaying, and getting a little bit of a work out in.

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tetra says...

They are what?

With who

Is this april the first?

No way!

I am going to have nightmares tonight... 

Sep 13, 2007
tetra says...

"beware of the Gundam, for you too can go Splat!"

Sep 13, 2007
tetra says...

All I have in my head right now is different ways your eyes go *splat* against the glasses...


Sep 12, 2007
tetra says...

Hum... I hope you were not wearing glasses when your eyes popped out. That would probably have hurt ><

Sep 12, 2007
SlaserX says...

Sweet Avatar! I love Richard! :D

Sep 12, 2007