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This Otaku born and raised in Kansas has been experienced in the ways of Anime for almost 10 years of his 25 year career. His goal is to be the greatest fighter of the world. When examined for his power level, all anyone could ever say, was "its over 9000!!!"

Currently looking for his one true Otaku love(has yet to be flung across a school yard into a shower room to be engaged at the sight of such a girl.)

Loves videogames, pc games, reading, writing, dragon slaying, and getting a little bit of a work out in.

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Topeka, Kansas

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September 7, 2007

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November 4, 2007

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tetra avatar tetra


Sep 17, 2007

I am still happily ignoring the first one ^^

tetra avatar tetra

You Rock!

Sep 14, 2007

Well, the closest I ever got to dragon ball was a fanfic that had a DB crossover.

But I imagine that it would be something like the enraged Guu I would transform into *nods*

tetra avatar tetra


Sep 14, 2007

I really hope that Microsofts dominace will have faded before we get internet in brain functions... or any built in interface what so ever!

Blue screen in my brain, no thanks! Not unless I intend to get one!

But since everything must be better in the future I think there would be free instant ftps with anime. Accecible for all, any time everywhere, with all anime ever made. 

And there would be no corporate interests ,no commercials just anime anime anime 

tetra avatar tetra


Sep 14, 2007

I guess I would best be described by chaotic good myself ;)

Put it this way, when I come back in 2020 I will have tons of _finished_ anime to watch!  No waiting for torrents and lots of recs for the really good ones ^^

tetra avatar tetra


Sep 14, 2007

You are EVIL EVIL!

Now I am going to hide in my bed with the comforter over my head and not come out until 2020! 

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