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About me: I'm a hopeless romantic. Lost in a sea of ludacris people. Too caring and too gullable for my own good. I guess I see the world in those "rose colored glasses." I feel with every being of my soul. When I cry, it's the most genuine form of sadness and hurt. I'm selfless to the point where it literally aches. I love to's very rare when you wont see me doing it ^_^. I'm crazy, I'm energetic, I'm the pick-me-up in life. I love loving and being loved......and I'm searching for the half that makes me whole once again.... I'm a classic rock girl that's addicted to nail polish. I talk with my hands and make the weirdest sound effects you could possibly imagin. I'm a horrible speller but deep with words..... Anyways, enjoy the page of the ALLmighty Muffin. If you wish to chatsome time....drop me a line on .. MentalStrain10....oh and yes....I can be a mental strain lol

Name: Muffin

Birthdate: 04/26/90

Birthplace: This crazy town 15th on the most dangerous cities in America: Youngstown

Current Location: Austintown aka bore city

Piercings: 8 total...thus far....and all in my ears

Tatoos: 3-tiger on shoulder, "memoria teneo" on the back of my neck--it means i remember, and natical stars on a cherry stem on my foot.

Overused Phraze: Whoot


Food: chicken

Candy: take five

Number: 10

Color: silver

Animal: tiger

Drink: apple juice

Bagel: cinnimon...the one from panera

Letter: ...Q...

Body Part on Opposite sex: hair


Bedtime: whenever i pass out......

Most Missed Memory: The love I felt for Rooster

Best phyiscal feature: eyes

First Thought Waking Up: UGGGGGGGGGGH

Goal for this year: Make a kick-ass portfolio

[P.S. I'm new wit all this technology stuff, my parents are weird about it soI'm still working in the stone age of dial up and can't get my hands on alot of anime---but I sure do love it!]

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sarwor248 Feb 4, 2008

Hi! I'm glad we both live in Ohio. Now I know I'm not the only anime fan in the state :) LOL

1010rikku Feb 4, 2008

Left a funny message on your intro thread :P

Dont worry, I wont bite you :P

Promise, even if I am really hungry and didn't eat breakfast *innocent face* 

1010rikku Jan 31, 2008

You got tattoos?? And piercings?? You gotta show other members!!!

Check out the forums, we got a thread exactly designated for that!! 

PS: Great work on the Bio!! Love a nicely filled bio :P 

wolfangel87 Jan 31, 2008

Great avatar!  I loved Howl's Moving Castle!