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:) Catherine here. Check me out on gaia. Username is Master Tibbles, found lurking the AMC.

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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Orihimefan121 Mar 10, 2009

my avatar is from Bleach and thanks

13Girl Mar 6, 2009

lol. I know how you feel. I was like that at the beginning. But now I don't really care what people say/think, because if I told them to watch some of the anime that I like, than I'm pretty sure that they would like them too.

Plus, I can't hide something I'm addicted to.  =D  =D

13Girl Mar 5, 2009

i have too many that I want to watch too, but I have very little time to watch it  =(

13Girl Mar 3, 2009

Thanks! I love your top 5 too! However, with mine it's really complicated because I wish that I could fit SSOOO many more on the top 5

therik Mar 2, 2009

I just got your message about the anirec database.

You make a good point, in all honesty. I've always been a little skeptical about how efficient the database is in finding the perfect recs. The problem is that there's no real better way for it to work.

By way of example, I personally think that the anime that I've seen which is most similar to Kanon (2006) is Nodame Cantabile, and yet it only has one rec for this - mine. However, this is because not everyone agrees with me. Although I think the two are more similar, a lot more people think that the closest thing to Kanon is Clannad, or Myself;Yourself, or Kare Kano, etc. I'm no more right than they are, so the only sensible way to order the anime is by the number of people who thought that Anime X was similar to Anime Y.

While this does mean that more popular titles are higher up on the list, you can still find everything that everyone has recommended. As long as you're happy to spend some time looking at the reasons why people have recommended two animes together, you're pretty much guaranteed to find what you think is the best match. So if someone reads my Kanon <-> Nodame Cantabile rec and happens to agree with me that those two are close, then they'll probably watch it instead of something higher up the list.

Basically, there's no way to objectively judge how similar two anime are, so the only logical way to do it is to list recommendations by how many people think that the series are similar.

I hope that kind of answered your question. If not, there's a place in the forum to leave feedback/suggestions, so feel free to drop a note in there. The site owner stops by to read that stuff, so she'll at least take a look at what you have to say.

On a side note, after dragging my feet somewhat, I finished my Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei review the other day. I'm in the process of proofreading it, and it should be up on the site tomorrow. Hopefully it'll still be of use to you. :)