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Okay this is my First review so please take that into account.

Right then i'm going to start with that it is just my luck to find a anime like this! I really really do pick them sometimes and this one takes the biscuit, I am a great fan of moe as my friends keep reminding me.

4 The story:

yes this is a bit unfair but it deserves it for toying with my heart strings, the story basically goes that Kirino a 14 to 15 year old girl that's also a model likes eroge games (Ecchi games) and her brother finds one on the floor one day and helps her with her life afterwards, the frequent changes in the story keep you wanting to watch more but at the same time I'm thinking WHAT'S happening?. BUT the bit that made me go so drastically down on the score I gave this story is that she goes to America WITH OUT TELLING HER BROTHER just when you think they are getting along this happens! dead weird story if you ask me....

9 The Animation:

Now the animation its self was flawless if not a bit tacky, I couldn't do it so all I can Really say is how good it looks.

9 The Sound:

Now I'm not one for watching English sub normally but I decided to watch this anyway, so I Guess that it had good sounding voice actors despite me not being able to understand them :)

8 The characters:

Right then i'm going to start by saying that Kuroneko is my favourite character, that being said Kirino is my second favourite I think this characters have some personality traits hard to find in most animes it seems like they have been complete and are very easy to watch and understand.

and I think I have rated this anime wayyy to high but al well Thanks for reading please don't criticize this review too much :)

4/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.9/10 overall
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