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The holy trinity of shonen anime.

11 FEB

Warning, possible bias ahead.

So there are three anime which I'm sure everyone has at least heard of that tower above all the rest. These are One Piece, Bleach and Naruto, all with at least 300 episodes a pop!

This presents the question for newcomers: Is it worth sitting through all the episodes to catch up, or should I just jump in at the start of the latest arc?

For me, the answer was always obvious. If I were to trully enjoy the series to their fullest, I would have to sit through each arc and come to love the characters. In having done this, or rather, being in the process of doing this, I can say (perhaps with a little bias) that it is really the only way to do it.

I feel that if I hadn't sat through the agonising filler of the Don Kanonji arcs in Bleach, or the Edo side stories in One Piece, I would not have the affection that I have for the cast that I do today. Skipping through is simply not an option!

With that said, the next question most people ask is "Which one should I start with?" and to that, thankfully, the answer is obvious. For recently, a newcomer has arrived in the trinity, with only 150 (give or take) episodes to catch up on, and this is Fairy Tail! So, for any newcomers to the holy trinity, or to anime in general, I reccomend the anime that forms the Holy Quadraplex, Fairy Tail.

From Fairy Tail, depending on whether you like the wackiness and general aloofness of the cast there, you can decide which of the holy trinity to tackle next. If you are, in fact, a fan of the wacky antics, then One Piece is the next logical step. But if you'd prefer a more serious tone and a solid plotline with a potential end in sight, then Bleach is the one for you. If you hate yourself and want to watch a bad show, then I guess you can go Naruto or whatever. But that's on you, bud.

In short:

  • Fairy Tail is entry level, it's what you should go to first if you don't want to strain yourself.
  • Try One Piece or Bleach next, depending on your preference; Bleach is shorter, though, so it might be the next logical step.
  • Only once you're absolutely finished and you're craving an anime fix, you may resort to sitting through Naruto.
  • Ponder, should Fairy Tail be a part of the Holy Trinity, even though it is fairly new?

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griffioen avatar griffioen
Mar 17, 2012

thas quite some bias against naruto xD well anyway, after the fillers I'm not enjoying naruto as much as at first. And one piece will always be the bes of all. Also i agree with you that you have to watch through all episodes to get to love the characters. I mean I hear loads of people complaining about one piece having 500 episodes and that it is so much to catch up, but why would you have to catch up? anyway a nice blog.

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