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*top5 - theme is anime that for some reason makes me feel calm, and they are in no special order*

This is me, this is who I am!

I read fanfiction, and fantasy

I listen to everything but country, dansband and hip-hop (and I detest Motown)

But I love japanese 60s and 70s music

I am a computer nerd (HCI)

I play rpgs

I play computer games

I play tabletop games

I read manga

I watch anime

(and everyting yaoi)

I can not see the fnords, sadly

I remember International Towel Day (may 25th),

and Bubblewrap Appreciation Day! (last monday in January, 26/1 -09)

All in all, I am the perfect human being! *nods*

It is me in the picture, at the moment i have blue black hair though. Blond is no more.


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wolfangel87 Nov 4, 2010


How have you been?

Wandervox Aug 19, 2009

Good to know! Hopefully no one minds me pointing the flashlight about haphazardly. :3

...you observe towel day! o_o  I didn't notice this before. Nice!

Wandervox Aug 18, 2009

Hiya! Was pokin' around in moments of boredom and GUUD LAWD, apparently there DO exist other fans my age. I'd truly begun to wonder! Ah, the wonders of the interwebs...

Anyway, yeah; dun mind my nonsense. Nice t'meetcha!

Ketsuron Aug 3, 2009

*abducts you back to the IRC  channel*

Andrenix Aug 3, 2009


Thanks for the comment. I've been absent for well...2 years it appears. I signed up here and my life got consumed by university and I only just remembered this website today....Got a bunch more to add to my list (it makes me a little sad to have it tell me how much of my life has been consumed by anime...but only a little).

I'll head to the forums now cheers