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The time has come.I am the Alpha and Omega…The beginning and the end…One plan has been completed… In order to open next door…I’m an immortal, born from desire.A shadow of God which has begun to overflow…Pandemonium is full of light and the Heaven is shrouded in darkness.Look at the era. No matter how they rebel against it…People are in our hands..... ^_^

qizilla test rezult:

*You are a Chaos angel. You are different from allthe rest. You are a special breed of angel,prone to suffer in the world that you are innow. No matter how much you try to believe thatyour not special, you are. There is alot thatyou want to do in this world. Chaos angels arevery dramatic, we tend to have the ability tocheer people up no matter what the mood, andhold in your emotions. You should be proud,Chaos angels are very rare to find in thisworld of ours... *

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astraea says...

Just dropping by to say hello!

Jun 14, 2008
wolfangel87 says...


Jan 18, 2008
wolfangel87 says...

You have got yourself a great avatar!

Jan 17, 2008
Menchi says...

Really? Hellsingwas one my first anime-series I ever watced too! But I still wonder why the Ultimate OVA isnt in the database yet... I decided to start watching that next, since my brother allready has it stalled.

Yeah, its sometimes hard to say what is anime and what is comics or something else... We have this Finnish-Swedish childrens series Moomin, wihch I've watched as a child but now they say it's really an anime! Hard to believe... :D 

Dec 15, 2007
Menchi says...

Hello and welcome to the planet! I see you're watching Hellsing OVA, I've only watched the TV-series. Its great, don't you think! And you've watched a lot of anime :)

Dec 14, 2007