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I enjoy magical girls, monsters, robots, plot twists, expertly orchestrated scores, and dragons.

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TheOneElectronic Jul 11, 2011

Hmm.  How about something from Eden of the East or Kare Kano?

sothis Jun 27, 2011

the mods were fast :) it's back now. you may want to put some stuff in your forum profile like your avatar, your signature code, etc so people can see it's a real account :D

sothis Jun 27, 2011

Sorry for the delay! If you wanted to create a forum account (just use the same name as sometime soon they will be seamlessly merged ^_^), you could post a thread in general anime discussion with the anime stuff for sale. Generally we don't allow threads like this but I'll respond to it once I see it and say I gave you the OK ^_^

Nice to see you here!

melus Jun 24, 2011

I actually don't remember it that well, since I saw it when I was 15 or so, I think. I just remember it was kind of boring, even though the premise was really cool. Mermaid's Scar was slightly better because it was shorter. haha. But even that had weird drawn out scenes.

I need to rewatch it, I might like it more now.

AnarchicQ Jun 24, 2011

It is quite cool, and a lot friendlier than similar sites IMHO. (Note: My views are not nessisarily those of Animeplanet or it's staff and they cannot be held libel for what I may or may not say.)