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watashi wa Angela desu~

I'm 17 years old and I live in Holland.


When did I start watching anime?

well It was a few years ago and I started with Junjou Romantica. I really loved the story and 

it made me deside to see more.

but then I got very busy and I didn't watch a year but now I'm starting all over again.


Do I read manga's?

well I do. I started with reading Nana. I really love that story. I can read it again and again. 

Currently reading

I'm reading mark of the succubus at the moment

Do you go to school?

yes I'm going to school. my school is really cool you don't get any homework ^.^

What's your favorite food?

well I like sushi very much but I can't buy it very often because I don't have much money.

and i like pizza, macaroni, spagetti


well that's it for now I think

If you want to know something just ask me okay? ^.^
I won't bite 

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