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I'm a full-blooded Japanese guy who has been watching anime for over 18 years. I speak English fluently and Japanese pretty fluently (about 75-80%). I also am involved with the fansubbing scene, although I haven't been doing it for that long (less than a year). Aside from anime, I like to play video games, use my computer, surf the internet, spend time with my family, listen to music, and sleep in.

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Bixie says...

*Pokes Tenken* You still out there? Just wanted to let you know I was in your neck of the woods in September. I was vacationing in LA!!!!  

Oct 10, 2009
Bixie says...

Hello! :-)

Jul 23, 2009
Bixie says...

OMG! How are you? I guess you have been busy if you haven't been online in 3 months! Gee, that's a long time! I'm rarely on AP/forums anymore myself cause I've been busy with RL stuff too. But it's all good so I know what you mean. I'm glad you are doing well and I hope to hear from you soon. Take care! 



Jun 18, 2009
Bixie says...

TENKENX6!!! Where are you? Anyways, just wondering how you are doing. Drop me a line next time you come around here :)



Jun 3, 2009
Bixie says...

OMG! You are alive!!!! I'm so glad to hear from you. So your subbing again, that's great! I do hope to see you here more often. I'll take your word on it. Oh, and don't work so much! Lol! Anyways Hope to cya soon!  


Oct 20, 2008