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Just your average hairy guy, living in his parent's basement and too into shows and games.

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August 9, 2007

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January 10, 2010

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sothis avatar sothis

Nice Avatar!

Nov 1, 2007

Very amused by the avatar XD

OneiChan avatar OneiChan


Sep 30, 2007

Teh walrus, huh? Wahahahaha :D Veery nice username, my friend. Where is your signature? It's only the latest and the greatest. You can make one by using the 'my signature' link in the side bar. 

On another note... you are another person who has card captor sakura as your #1 anime.... yet another reason why I really need to watch it. Must be good, or so many people wouldnt have it in their top 5. 

Reawen avatar Reawen


Sep 1, 2007

Well you should definitely go back and find your place in Ouran and finish it sometime ^_^

And yeah, Studio ADTRW finished off G.A. I think they're not as good as Naisho, but I got impatient waiting for the rest of the story >_<  So I finished watching it all, then am rewatching as Naisho releases!

Reawen avatar Reawen


Aug 31, 2007

Ooooh, you're watching Ouran, my favorite! And Gakuen Alice! (Ep. 17... are you waiting on Naisho subs?)

I see you're also watching Monster - I haven't seen it yet, but OneiChan tells me it's fantastic, so it's on my "want to watch" list ^_^ 

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